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I haven't really paid much attention to whats going on on this website and this affair but I would say to everybody that controversy doesn't lead to happiness.

The amount of time you spend on this affair should be added up at the end of each week and measured against the amount of actual Dharma practice you do (that includes thinking or "contemplating" time). I mean literally.

Then, if the amount of practice is not ten times the amount you are "devoting" to this affair you need to sit down and seriously consider whether you can Bhumi or liberate in whats left of this current transmission of the teaching (2500 yrs) before we have 5 billion years of darkness (no teaching).

I have heard rumours that there is more to this affair than meets the eye and that rather than polluting the teachings this "situation" leaves us others to a purer practice less contaminated by unseen polluting forces that are neccessarily drawn away to those dedicated to a being dedicated to material satisfaction (or whatever).

His Holiness says that we should avoid contact with these followers and their material. Doesn't that tell us that we really should mind our own business and deprive the situation of oxygen. Geshe Kelsang has a very difficult task if he wants to persuade his followers to stay out of politics, to practice Buddhism to keep their "version" the teachings pure, when us on the other side can't even offer commensurate practice (ten times as much, every week, as our controversising) to keep our, correct version, of the teachings pure.

Strive for your own welfare!


Editors Note:
We basically agree. Our interest in NKT's war is trivial compared to our determination regarding compassion. Kelsang Gyatso's battles accomplish nothing important and are profoundly counterproductive.

We disagree on one point. We believe that we should strive towards others' welfare rather than our own. We believe new generations of potential NKT followers would more beneficially follow a different path than NKT markets to feed its vast samsaric wealth.