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Shugden addiction is the wrong path.

NKT pretends to be the sole defender of Tibetan Buddhism, which NKT insists is corrupt and degenerate. NKT 'clergy' dress up as Tibetan monks and nuns, though resist any training in Tibetan Buddhism, preferring exclusively the distortions of NKT's never-seen icon - Kelsang Gyatso.

From one of NKT's argumentative Shugden addicts...

"All practitioners of Dorje Shugden are personally affected by the ban. I've met people from the FPMT who were drawn to my robes but when they found out I was an NKT practitioner, made their excuses and left very quickly. Shugden practitioners are, in a sense, just as ostracised in the West and I've met people who have attended other traditions who were told that NKT worships an evil spirit. What does this mean? It means that ALL Shugden practitioners are regarded as being outside Buddhism. I'm sorry to say this but the Dalai Lama is the sole source of this view and this problem. There is no other source."

No other source?

Of 7 billion of us on earth there are merely a few thousand Shugden worshipers. Outside of Tibet NKT followers the only adherents and most organized in their opposition to the Dalai Lama.

They blame all of us for their delusional persecution, but for political purposes target their contempt against the Dalai Lama (and to a lesser extent anyone who escaped from NKT's grip). In the worldwide Buddhist community alone few share NKT's Shugden addiction.

Shugden addicts could not be more extreme...(from NKT's political voice May 23, 2013 - the Western Shugden Society)

"We know that the most pure, practical and suitable Dharma for people of the modern age is Kadam Dharma...However, there is a serious obstacle to the development of this Dharma both now and in the future which has been created by the Dalai Lama...

We have found some new methods to make progress with the Western Shugden Society's activities, which we believe are practically more powerful than our previous methods. An example of this new method you will see later.

The activities of this new method will be very expensive however, and will include the printing of booklets and leaflets. We are therefore sincerely requesting donations."

Previously, Shugdenites used protest rallies, hate speech, spiteful books, comic books and cartoons. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were raised, perhaps more. Effort wasted. Hate generated.

Again, they are requesting donations for their pretense and persecution complex.

They will go nowhere until they move on.