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Purdue Pharma

Purdue Pharma is a drug company that sells an array of dangerous drugs.

Its most famous, OxyContin. It has been sold as 'safe and effective' since 2001.

But OxyContin has a long list of side effects, most notably severe addiction. Nevertheless, it is sold as 'safe and effective'. Even government regulators say so.

OxyContin has killed hundreds of thousands of its addicts and has harmed millions. Nevertheless, it is sold as 'safe and effective'.

September 15, 2019, Purdue Pharma filed for bankruptcy, its founding owners corruptly funneling billions of dollars to off-shore accounts to hide/shield them from massive litigation, justly paying for loses and punitive damages, and government confiscation. Nevertheless, OxyContin is still sold as 'safe and effective'. However, financial losses and prison sentences will continue to mount.

All drugs legally sold are 'safe and effective', though they have killed millions, have permanently damaged many more and produce side effects in just about everyone.

'Safe and effective' is a regulatory term of art for all marketed drugs. 'Safe and effective' is not a truth.

Hundreds of other 'safe and effective' products beyond drugs are harmful to health. We often read about them in the news.

Gyatso/NKT claim they are safe and effective. In effect, even government regulators say so, and have granted Gyatso/NKT massive taxpayer subsidies. And like OxyContin users, Gyatso/NKT followers often think everything is fine, the criticisms of Gyatso/NKT for more than 20 years are a lie. They convince themselves they are happy and in control. They are being helped and their problems are melting away.

Almost all of Gyatso/NKT's customers have been misled by the false advertising. Many feel like suckers for having been duped and bilked.

But thousands of their customers have been damaged, some with long-term damage, many yet to experience the damage. Physical, emotional and psychological damage and scars. We have read about Gyatso/NKT survivors in the news since the 1990s.

No warning labels to be found other than shared stories of Gyatso/NKT survivors, journalist reports and academic research in books and journal/magazine articles.

Like dangerous drugs, environmental toxins and other unsafe products, Gyatso/NKT stay on the market. Like survivors of dangerous drug products and experts exposing these dangers, Gyatso/NKT threaten them and claim that their reports are lies (comparable to what happens to victims of sexual assault, including Gyatso/NKT's sexual assault victims). Thus, Gyatso/NKT remain on the market, there to mislead and damage new customers.

Someday, like with OxyContin, matters may change, especially if Gyatso/NKT internal documents and depositions are exposed.

Until then, be careful. Monitor your dosage. Don't ignore side effects. Stay in touch with care givers, friends and family.

And consider what Buddha Shakyamuni and Tsongkhapa taught us...accept their teachings only AFTER examination, analysis and investigation....NOT through faith or respect alone. Fantastic advice for everything we do.