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NKT Perfection

NKT thrives on our ignorance. We assume that NKT has firm foundation for what it promises. It doesn't.

Walking in the front door we are led to believe that NKT is the highest form of Buddhism and the quickest path to enlightenment or peace. It isn't.

Sooner or later, we realize that this view is merely an artful veneer. Many of us figure out that we wasted our lives and efforts and our family's money at NKT.

We notice, some of us joining them, NKT leaders protesting around the world in videos released by NKT to the media starring NKT's so called spiritual leader. We read letters from NKT executives and founder for us not to be involved with Tibetan Buddhism or its leaders and threatening lawsuits against those who disagree with NKT or write books about NKT even if they are complimentary.

Sometimes in horror with what we committed ourselves to we figure out that NKT is actually an international business whose profits and government subsidies fund NKT politics against Tibet's native Buddhism, its political leaders and its quest for independence from China. NKT takes advantage of us for its political mission and greed.

We come to understand that the more we are involved with NKT the more alone we will become and less of our potential we will attain. The fortunate among us let go and escape NKT. Sometimes it takes years to recover and once again befriend our friends and family after delving into the NKT cult.

NKT has indeed attained a form of perfection although not involving spirituality but rather in leading international political battles against centuries of Tibet's interweave of culture, compassion and religiosity. For this NKT is legendary and harmful.

Perfect devices can be hazardous.