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So much bitterness NKT causes. It is seen in the thousands directly hurt by NKT, and even in many remaining in NKT trying to defend NKT's battles against Buddhists.

It seems that there is no other group claiming to be religious that has hurt so many, or whose management and members are so active in and proud of doing so.

Under the guise of Buddhism, albeit a distorted guise, people join NKT hopeful and thankful for finding what seems at first a nearby connection with the wonders of Buddhism, diverse and expansive, teaching the simplest and most noble of ideals, compassion.

Before they realize the truth about NKT's underlying controversial political and anti-Buddhist motives, some immerse themselves and turn their lives over to NKT. Some rent living space inside an NKT 'center'. Some volunteer several or dozens of hours a week for NKT. Some take NKT's abbreviated ordination vows. Some donate their savings to NKT. Some loan money to NKT, rarely if ever repaid. Some rely on their parents and other family members for support while engaged with NKT. For most, inevitably, disillusionment develops, though for many not until damage occurs, sometimes requiring years for recovery.

Since it began in 1991, NKT has amassed substantial real estate wealth in many countries derived from taxpayers and NKT students, members, clergy and benefactors transferring their resources to NKT's benefit.

Financial contributions, some of which from taxpayer subsidies, and volunteer efforts eventually lead to refurbishing of and mortgages for new NKT real estate holdings technically organized as 'charities', although they make minimal if any contributions to the community.

As NKT's wealth has increased, so has its ego and defensiveness, so much so that NKT has gone on the offensive to protect its business plan.

Insiders questioning NKT's ambitions are thrown out, regardless of their dependency, like mothers with children. Some leave in disgust or in ruins from psychological and sexual abuse.

Several hundred share their tormenting stories under the name 'NKT Survivors' as part of their healing process from what they came to realize was an insidious cult. Many in the group have been targeted by NKT for slurs.

Those examining NKT from the outside (including academic researchers, book authors and journalists) are also targeted by NKT for slurs, as are Tibetans and teachers of Buddhism who respect the Dalai Lama, against whom NKT voices is most vile commentary.

NKT's targets are sometimes threatened with litigation. Recent examples include the Network of Buddhist Organizations and David Beesley, author of a book listed for a few weeks for sale at amazon.com but forced to be withdrawn by NKT entitled, 'A Cuckoo in the Peacock Palace: The Decline of Tradition in 21st Century Western Buddhism and the Rise of the New Kadampa Tradition'. NKT supporters supported the recent lawsuit files against the Dalai Lama in India (the lawsuit was essentially thrown out by the Supreme Court).

Virtually anyone sharing their painful experience with NKT or examining NKT's public campaigns against Buddhists are quickly trivialized by remaining NKT supporters still trapped by the NKT cult, which thrives itself by nurturing the ego of its defenders with promises of 'merit' and quickly attaining enlightenment. So addicted, they reveal much bitterness in their attacks. Statisticlly, eventually they too will become NKT outcasts or waste their lives with hate.

NKT's scandals and negative campaign against those outside NKT and those scared to leave NKT is NKT's painful legacy....a legacy that has already been financially successful, and thus unlikely to change.