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Instead of all the selfish screaming at your protests against the Dalai Lama and in your web sites attacking sincere Buddhists, why not live by these words?

"But this physical form we have now is a hundred times more valuable than any wish-granting jewel...If you squander this rebirth that you have managed to retain it would be an even greater pity that if you had wasted one thousand billion precious jewels...There is no greater loss; nothing could be blinder; no self-deception could be greater...You must therefore try to extract some essence from it now. Your are sure to die anyway, and you cannot know when that will happen.

Suppose you say one scornful word to your pupils, for instance. You are motivated by strong hostility and, as for the deed, you use the harshest words that will really wound them. And for the final step, you feel proud and have and inflated opinion of yourself. These three parts - motivation, deed, and final step - could not have been done better!

We might feel our virtue is very strong, but in fact it is extremely weak.

We have already experienced so much suffering, but as long as we are not liberated from samsara [cyclic existence], we must experience very much more. If all the filthy things - all the dung and dirt we have eaten in our past animal rebirths as dogs and pigs - were piled up in one place, the dung heap would be bigger than Meru, the king of mountains. Yet we will have to eat even more filth as long as we are still not liberated from samsara.

In short, as long as you are not free of samsara for good, you have not transcended the nature of suffering. You therefore must definitely become liberated from it; and you must do so with your present rebirth.

Although we do not recognize each other as such, there is not one sentient being who has not been our mother.

In the 'Precious Garland', Nagarjuna says:

If you desire supreme enlightenment
For yourself and the world,
Know that its root is a bodhichitta
As firm as Meru, king of mountains."


1921 Pabonghka teaching recorded by Trijang, Gyatso's root guru; no mention of Shugden reported during the 24 days of teaching


In so doing, a better world this would be.