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We Have Rights Too

NKT profits on many legal rights. It can create a faith business, even model it on Tibetan Buddhism while rejecting its truth, teachings of its lineage holders and monastic vows. It can create its own requirements for clergy. It can rent us apartments and sell us food and merchandise. It can sell its own books and ban all others. It can operate a professional marketing department. It can have expensive festivals, courses and retreats. It can operate retreat centers, motels and spas. It can create a large multi-national real estate empire. It can fund web sites, good, bad and ugly. It can call us names. It can even deploy protest rallies and political manifestos.

Some of the rights NKT presumes are questionable, eg its taxpayer support, its defaming us, frivolous law suits, unlicensed psychotherapy and false advertising.

But NKT does not have the moral right, or sometimes legal right, to abuse us, lie to us, cheat us, attack us, threaten us, blame us or undermine our livelihoods and health.

We have the right not to believe NKT, its diversions, its provocations and its heresies.

We have rights...even if in the modern materialistic and corporate society it seems that legal rights outweigh moral rights. In contrast, in our consciousness our moral rights prevail.

Ultimately, NKT will cease its campaign against us. Its leaders, like the rest of us, will progress toward peace. This is everyone's destiny.