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NKT'S purported cause in this world is to save oppressed Shugdenites by protesting, blogging, writing books and threatening lawsuits.

NKT paints a bleek portrait of their squalid conditions, widely advertising that Shugdenities have been forced to live in fear and homelessness and under a ruthless and corrupt dictatorship.

Facts, as usual, contradict NKT's political theology.

From Shar Gaden Nampar Gyalway Ling Monastery, residence for 750 monks, located in Tibetan Camp, Mundgod, South India...purportedly under aggressive oppressive seige by the Dalai Lama according to NKT (but not the monastery itself).

NKT publishes similar celebratory pictures of its own Shugden temples around the world.

Oppressed, or delusion?

NKT leadership wages war regardless. And why not? During the (fake) oppression against which NKT so feverishly protests, NKT's corporate power and wealth have grown significantly.



Editors Note:
From what we can tell, Shar Gaden appears to be thriving within the Tibet Camp in India, hardly consistent with NKT's (falsely) adverstised evils of the Tibet Government in Exile in India. And, financially speaking at least, so are NKT's Shugden temples.