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Input, including corrections, is invited about the contributor essays and editorials presented here (see Contact page). To date, all submitted corrections have been made.

Today, we received this counsel, though cannot figure out what it means. No more information was provided - no sources, no examples, no corrections, no realistic conclusion.

"Please read the sourses you site acuratly. Had you have, you would find them benificial in comming to a more realistic conclusion."

We do not knowingly present any inaccurate source (hundreds appear here), other than possibly quote sources used by NKT to rationalize its battle and the harm it causes. However, in context, these are not presented as true. It appears little of what NKT does is true.

Perhaps, the counsel quoted above was a prank. Regardless, we take any call for accuracy and realistic conclusions seriously.

While we and our contributors have studied and/or practiced Buddhism intensively, we must always be open to sound commentary.