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Paranoia continues at NKT. Nothing new.

So few believe NKT that it is obsessed with zany speculation to protect Shugden, begging the question of why such an eminent entity in NKT's eyes requires such protection and so many NKT protest rallies. (by the way, what has NKT's Shugden ever protected?)

Once again, this time March 30, 2010, NKT published proof that its demon god Shugden is a Buddha. Ridiculous of course, but obsession rules at NKT. (NKT claims that Shugden arose out of the murder by the falsified fifth Dalai Lama of the rightful Dalai Lama heir. NKT is filled with weird stories.)

NKT's so-called proof....

1. Shugden is the last incarnation in a lineage of enlightened Masters. Concurrently, NKT claims that its founder, born hundreds of years after Shugden mythology began, is a Buddha. How many last incarnations of a Buddha does NKT have?

2. Shugden could not be subdued by the 5th Dalai Lama or other Lamas. Weird. NKT sees Buddhas has entities that people try to subdue. A rather unique viewpoint.

3. Shugden’s form teaches the paths of Sutra and Tantra. What form would that be? Turns out that NKT considers artistic renderings (drawings) of Shugden as form. More form than this Shugden is not.

4. Shugden is the incarnation of the five Buddha families. Obsession usually confuses. NKT also claims that Shugden is the reincarnation of Tsongkhapa and Manjushri. NKT's evidence of Shugden as progeny of five families is, again, based on a drawing.

5. Shugden is the same nature as Manjushri, Je Tsongkhapa, Mahakala and Kalarupa. Well, who isn't?

6. Shugden’s mandala Deities are the same nature as the body mandala Deities of Lama Losang Tubwang Dorjechang. NKT gibberish.

7. The practice of Shugden was taught by Je Tsongkhapa in Tushita Pure Land. 100% false. Tsongkhapa, one of Tibetan Buddhism's most prolific authors, NEVER discussed Shugden.

8. Shugden has been relied upon by the highest Lamas, who themselves have been recognized as enlightened. Here, NKT invents even more Buddhas. Reliance does not bestow Buddhahood. Also, some of these Lamas have become NKT's most scorned targets for NKT's politics and revenge.

9. Shugden performs the twenty-seven deeds of a Buddha, which NKT supports by the statement, "Dorje Shugden was responsible for the Dalai Lama being able to safely travel from Tibet to India in 1959."

10. Relying upon Dorje Shugden leads to supramundane results. Is that so? Hundreds of years of Shugdenism has yet to produce a single supramundane result. Instead, thousands of mundane results have emanated from Shugdenism, eg hate, greed, murder.

Obsessive cults, like NKT, make poor religions.

Perhaps, NKT's Shugden image helps explain NKT's paranoia.


A few months ago, an NKTite argued that Shugden has a lot in common with Smokey the Bear. A strange religion NKT has.

At NKT, the hypothetical is proof.

Laughable...except that NKT is hurting many and is presenting a disgusting picture of Buddhism.


Editors Note:
It is for this essayist's last sentence that this web site exists.