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March 24, 2011, an NKT web site posted a picture of its proud protest against the Dalai Lama in New York City.


Kelsang Pema, Kelsang Gyatso's protest planner, in the front row with NKT's message

'Dalai Lama, Stop Lying'

A useless protest indeed. Nothing stops NKT in New York City, in the United States, in England, in Europe, in Asia or anywhere else from doing what it does. Although it would be helpful if he did, the Dalai Lama - nor any other legitimate Buddhist - has no influence on NKT.

Marching egos, yelling, pretending. While dressed like the Dalai Lama and carrying Tibet's national flag.

(Tibet was subjected to communist invasion during the 1950s, causing about 100,000 Tibetans to escape to exile in India, still the kind host of Tibet's government in exile. NKT want the Dalai Lama and genuine Buddhism even further away from Tibet.)

What an arrogant religion NKT professes!

Spirituality replaced with wealth and politics and greed for more.