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Diabolical BS


This is a variation of NKT themes, 'nothing exists' and 'you don't exist'. Thus even NKT does not exist or is happening. If true, NKT has wasted millions of dollars/pounds of our money and hurting so many. If true, NKT wasted all that pride marching against Buddhism and blasting out hundreds of pictures and videos boasting their hate.

More disastrous gibberish. (This from Lucy James, fired by Gyatso in 2008 for refusing to produce soldiers for Gyatso's war against the Dalai Lama. A few years ago, James rejoined NKT in this new un-happening persona.)

Supposedly, this is happening. From NKT Colorado..."Our main teacher at KMC Colorado is Kadam Lucy James. One of the senior teachers of Kadampa Buddhism, Kadam Lucy has taught extensively in England, Florida, and San Francisco, and helped set up many thriving meditation centers in the past 37 years. She is regularly invited to teach courses around the United States and Europe due to her ability in presenting both simple and profound subjects with great clarity." (missing from this bio is the years James was fired by Gyatso, which happened and caused many tears and confusion by her students and ominous warning from leader Dekyong to obey or else also suffer from Gyatso's ire; also missing is the truth that James is not recognized by real Kadampa teachers or lineages and teaches NKT's strange commercialized militant cult created in 1990 by a fake Geshe expelled by his monastery in 1996 for his assault on Buddhism)

The kind of shameful gibberish that has harmed so many, sometimes inducing nihilistic panic, sense of abandonment, family and social withdrawal, paranoia, clinical anxiety or depression, fear, abuse and suicidal thinking. The critical concern here is, since NKT advertises psychiatric/psychological services and remedies, that some will spiral downward when told they don't exist and nothing is truly happening, thus exacerbating their originating status. And, that victims of NKT abuse may suffer when their abuse is rationalized by NKT as not existing or happening. Hundreds of NKT survivors have reported the adverse consequences of NKT mind controls.

NKT gets you in the door promising to fix what is happening to you and the world. They cure psychosis, child abuse, marital problems, impersonate psychotherapists and everything else. They promise world peace and have charged members millions of pounds/dollars to build gilded temples to attain NKT's spiteful version of world peace. Then, when it doesn't work they blame you, attack you and defame you. They demoralize you and bilk you of as much money as they can, amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars in some cases, to build their real estate empire and plush life for NKT's ruling class. They have kicked many out of government-subsidized housing controlled by the NKT business.

Only to say "nothing is truly happening" to you.

Um...why does NKT assault Buddhism, Tibetan Lamas and NKT survivors if nothing is truly happening? Did NKT's worldwide hateful protests to protect its fictional demon god Shugden and assault NKT survivors not truly happen? Do NKT's vile Internet posts and images like that above not truly happen? Did NKT sexual assault not truly happen? Did millions of dollars/pounds of donations to NKT not happen? Do we not truly happen? Do prayers not truly happen?

Does NKT not happen? Did Gyatso's books not happen? Did Gyatso not happen? If money and real estate is not "truly happening" then why do they covet them so?

Did NKT's threats of lawsuits not happen (eg, against Nick Gillespie)? If they didn't happen then why did they happen?

Did Buddha Shakyamuni not truly happen? Did Kadampa Buddhism not truly happen? What about the founders of Kadampa Buddhism, Atisha and Tsongkhapa, whose prolific writings and subsequent treatises are banned inside NKT? Did they not happen too? Why are all books and teachings about Buddhism banned inside NKT (other than Gyatso's)? Why ban what did not happen?

Since "nothing is truly happening" should we abandon our families, not evade an oncoming car, dismiss what is happening?

Or, is NKT so deeply down the rabbit hole of BS? Certainly, NKT is not a credible or reliable source for what is or is not happening.


Editors Note
This web site does not exist or is happening. Then why did NKT hire lawyers to end it several years ago? Why did they create web sites and Internet posts attacking this web site?

Of course, one could take NKT advertisements literally. Everything happens. No-thing is what is not happening. 'Nothing' is the anti-happening, like anti-matter. That which does not happen is nothing.

Oh, how they convolute themselves at our expense (financial, physical, security, emotional and spiritual).

What NKT could better teach than "nothing is truly happening" is that things, events, experiences, thoughts and people don't always or necessarily exist or happen as they appear.They can be a pretense and fake. They can be a delusion, sometimes tragic. Including NKT. But of course, many of us already know this. Some knew this since birth. Some of us learn from our mistakes and misconceptions. May all of us strive to do so...to fuel our compassion and benefit others.

For the record, we admire much in Lucy James though not her saddening involvement with NKT even as she says "nothing is truly happening." We wish for her happiness...for it to truly happen.



More NKT BS.

Adding to giving up on existence NKT says to give up on compassion. Your kindness is not kindness. Your assistance is not assistance. Your love is not love. You must 'renunciate' or nothing counts. You must abandon yourself and everything you know and cherish. You are nothing and can never be more than nothing unless you inhale NKT BS. Oh, and the 'renunciation' must be 'true'. It's the NKT way or no way. NKT's version of perfecton is the minimum requirement. What harmful BS.

But, NKT considers your money and free labor to build its business most valuable and mandatory. Your money and labor are real, you are not. Question NKT and it renunciates you.

No wonder NKT's harm is so insidious and vast. NKT is so terrified from losing its business that it terrorizes us and Shakyamuni's and Tsongkhapa's teachings, grasping and gasping for its wealth and real estate.

A gift it would be if NKT would renunciate its BS and vengeance and embrace a mind of unfettered compassion. Fuel compassion, please don't negate or trivialize compassion, our greatest gift and fuel.