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About Shugden Kelsang Gyatso said,

"He is just neutral, nothing good or bad."

Kelsang Gyatso also claims that Shugden is a Buddha. Nothing good or bad!

Kelsang Gyatso started a 'tradition' to worship Shugden and to protest loudly around the world and abundantly on the Internet for Shugden.

About his Shugden protests Kelsang Gyatso said,

"The New Kadampa Tradition suffered, our reputation was destroyed, and we lost many things...Many people are saying Dorje Shugden practitioners are bad, they are a cult or sectarian - they are using bad names because of what His Holiness the Dalai Lama says. "

Indeed. And Buddhism was defaced by Kelsang Gyatso's protests.


Editors Note:
We wonder how many times can NKT say it was destroyed. First it blamed its protest rallies. Then it blamed Kelsang Gyatso's discredited heir, Samden. Since, it blames those who left NKT, authors and publishers.

To us, (real) Buddhas are good.