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Those who visit an NKT center or festival risk damaging their spiritual lives by joining NKT's battle against the Dalai Lama and legitimate Buddhism.

NKT students, members, administrators, renters and clergy also risk ridicule and abandonment should NKT 's paranoia decide that NKT will retaliate against those who have questioned or opined about NKT's sectarianism and preoccupation with Shugdenism - the appeasement of an angry spirit which is understood to have harassed, terrified and murdered many in Tibet the last few hundred years to nurture a fundamentalist sect inside Tibet which NKT believes that it alone is the pure protector.

Those targeted for NKT's anger risk their livelihoods and peace of mind.

Most eventually leave NKT, sometimes after substantial trauma and fear, sometimes after intervention from loved ones, sometimes after sexual abuse, sometimes after donating all their savings, sometimes expelled from NKT's government-subsidized housing or from attendance at its meditation centers, sometimes ridiculed on its web sites or in its prolific blog posts.

Therefore, those interested in visiting or joining NKT are advised to consider the commentary assembled in this web site and many other resources referenced throughout this web site about NKT's adverse spiritual and political quests and their relevance not only to Tibetan Buddhism and the future status of Tibet but also to our collective spirituality and the vitality of Buddhism itself.

Substantial analysis about NKT is available on the Internet from academic scholars, Buddhist teachers and many who have been hurt by NKT.

Though risky, question NKT clergy and employees. Evaluate for yourself the prudence of NKT's proclivity to ordain young men and women as their lead teachers (in this web site you will find their nightmarish experiences inside NKT), and the prudence of banning all books and scriptures, including the most profound Buddhist literature and any of the Dalai Lamas dozens of books, inside NKT other than its own self-published products.

Consider that NKT is not only not affiliated with any form of Buddhism, it despises them. In one case, NKT has published substantial derogatory information, including that NKT was prepared to turn over to the police its documentation that a Buddhist foundation was an illegal operation involved in an array of crimes such as drug smuggling unless that foundation turned over Manjushri Center, which became NKT's global headquarters.

Consider the disturbing symbiosis between NKT and the communist Chinese government tag teaming against the Dalai Lama to undermine the historical role of the Dalai Lama lineage to lead Tibet, the Land of the Snows, and the holiness instilled there by Avalokiteshvara, the Buddha of Compassion (the 14 Dalai Lamas are understood to be human emanations of Avalokiteshvara, raising again disturbing questions about why NKT and the communist Chinese government together attack the Dalai Lama with egregious vitriol).

Consider the many reports of scandal inside NKT.

Consider the horror with NKT expressed by Sera monastery and a cross section of Tibetan leaders and citizens.

Consider the statements of police in India about murders of supporters of the Dalai Lama by followers of Shugdenism, of which NKT is the leading proponent.

Consider NKT's theology which defines its main practice as the protection and appeasement of its angry spirit god, Shugden. Why should Shugden require so much appeasement and protection? No respected Buddhist diety does.

Consider what most believe is an abuse of Buddhist tantra by NKT, which grants mass tantra empowerments at festivals to novices and in the presence of children. NKT's focus on tantra has led to devastating internal scandals.

Clergy, students, administrators of NKT and those interested in joining NKT are advised to consider the radical difference in behavior of NKT compared to legitimate religions, who do not protest against anyone, do not sponsor an array of web sites against anyone, do not blog against anyone, and do not misdirect so many charitible donations to protest and sponsor attacking web sites.

Why does NKT target Westerners? Why do most Tibetans, Tibetan leaders and Tibetan Lamas abhor NKT's mission?

How much money and labor are you willing to donate toward NKT's so-called charities, an assembly of mansions, restaurants, motels, apartments and beauty spas? NKT contributes nothing to actual charities.

Are NKT's protest rallies credible expressions of holiness, compassion or sublime spirituality?

You may be shocked at the extremist statements for which NKTites are notorious.

Even Buddha said we should question, explore and rely on what feels right.

Fortunately, there are many Buddhist resources around the world for us to explore our life's journey that will help guide our precious spirituality and ultimate happiness. Libraries and bookstores have a wide collection of literature about Buddhism.

Question, explore and rely on what feels right.