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A Cult Not A Sangha

Gyatso created a cult that specializes in anger, insults, assaults and retribution. These are what NKT is best known for, samsara fuel.

No wonder Gyatso bans books about Buddhism and despises the Dalai Lama.

The Dalai Lama mirrored Buddha's teachings about the Sangha.

From 'The Wheel of Time', the Dalai Lama spoke in 1984...

"The Sangha, or virtuous community...The people in the Sangha have four special qualities: if someone harms them, they do not respond with harm; if someone displays anger to them, they do not react with anger; if someone insults them, they do not answer with insult; if someone accuses them, they do not retaliate."

Gyatso/NKT are trapped in a selfishness prison of the three poisons: ignorance, desire and hatred.


Editors Note
This book explains the Buddhist Wheel of Life, focusing on the 12 links of dependent arising giving rise to samsara, our habitual and karmic repetitive lives of suffering.

The Dalai Lama, long before Gyatso created his Shugden cult, clarified that one should not pursue protector deities until prepared. A prerequisite is seeing oneself as divine figure, whereupon the protector come under one's control. "The practice is not at all a matter of the protector controlling oneself. In fact, the best protector is Buddha, his doctrine, and the spiritual community." Ultimately, we protect ourselves as we progress along Buddha's path, accurately embrace reality and mind, and shed samsaric existence.

Gyatso/NKT ignore this. Their cult contradicts this, indoctrinates unsuspecting and unprepared visitors/followers and intensifies and prolongs their samsara.