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NKT depends on gullibility.

NKT's web sites, they are of 2 kinds, portray NKT as victim and savior.

One kind of NKT web site presents a facade of Buddhism. These web sites generate revenues for which NKT monetizes our interests in Buddhism. NKT sells CDs, vacations and empowerments. It rents hundreds of rooms/apartments too. Only NKT books are for sale. These businesses are in turn used to obtain government subsidies. Mass marketing has produced tremendous NKT wealth.

The other kind of NKT web site presents NKT's less glorified mission: political attacks and threatening its survivors. This is NKT's inner core. In these web sites NKT insists that Tibetan Buddhism is corrupt and that the Dalai Lama is no more than a Nazi and CIA operative, their followers worthless. For this path NKT holds allegiance to its creation, a westernized form of the controversial mythological tormenting figure known as Shugden.

Either way, we are deceived. Unfortunately for our spiritual health and income, we are misled into NKT, often destroyed when we realize the truth. When we ask questions we are blamed. When we end our donations we are banned, some of us thrown out of our government-subsidized living quarters. Many of us are burdened by intense turmoil for having participated with NKT...then humiliated and threatened by NKT web sites and threats of litigation attacking our psychological status in NKT's attempt to devastate our lives further.

Without our gullibility (and our money) NKT would wither away.

Surely, NKT does not merit our participation. NKT's claim that it is led by its very own enlightened beings is insulting and cynical. Enlightened beings do not produce protests rallies, material wealth, vicious attacks on others, manifestos, threats of litigation or campaigns against Buddhists. Truly enlightened beings do not cause such suffering. Contrary to NKT they do not sell psychiatric, relationship or anger management counseling. They do not sell beauty spa and golfing vacations. They do not produce web sites designed to hurt others. They do not allow or institutionalize psychological, emotional and sexual abuse by their clergy. They do not support NKT's Shugdenism. They do not disallow the writings of every Lama since Buddha Shakyamuni. They do not create fake credentials. They do not inspire thousands of ugly Internet posts against us. They do not pray for the death of the Dalai Lama. They do not conspire against legitimate schools of Buddhism. They do not abandon Buddhism. Neither should we.

nkt truth

Few of us would enter NKT if we knew the truth about NKT, here represented by NKT's 'spiritual leader' and chief executive officer megaphoning caustic rhetoric from NKT's doctrine manual at an NKT protest rally against Tibet, Tibetan Buddhism and the Dalai Lama...and by extension against any of us who admire them.

NKT's Doctrine Manual: The Tibetan Situation Today
Consider: what does NKT have to do with Tibet other than the end of the Dalai Lama?