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An NKT web site is remiding us about its religion....

"China will be the head of the New World Order. China will control the world economy, trends and directions. They are too big, too resoureful and to powerful to ignore. The West will do well by showing deference to China. If the Dalai Lama was asking for a last shot to help his ppl in Tibet before he dies, he should appeal to China directly and visit their leadership directly in Beijing. Make friends with them, then from this friendship, visit Tibet and ask Tibetans to cooperate with China as his last wish.Then after his death there will be less bloodshed. Dalai Lama making friends with Western countries is a waste of time and has gotten him nowhere after 50 years. What can the West do? Nothing. The West themselves are respectful of China. China must be respected. The West is facinated with Dalai Lama, but not to the point of forgetting their individual national economic welfare. Dalai Lama should make friends with Beijing as his last hope shot.

Dorje Shugden is the last incarnation in a lineage of enlightened Masters.

I believe if Tibet was not invaded, the dharma would still spread but much slower and not as mainstream."

Without the Dalai Lama to kick around and China to promote, NKT would have no purpose.

Notably, Buddha Shakyamuni, Atisha, Tsongkhapa....no Buddhists for a thousand years taught anything about Shudgen, who puroportedly re-incarnated yet again over a year ago though ignored by NKT, the world's primary Shugden religion.