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Gyatso/NKT Promote Killing

Like serial killers claim (eg, Charles Manson), Kelsang Gyatso/NKT teaches that killing is a spiritual action if you have pure motivation. Warlords, dictators, terrorists, imperialist governments, religious zealots and egomaniacs have been saying this for eons of time.

Gyatso/NKT, affiliated with the murderers of 3 close associates of the Dalai Lama (see NEW DEATH THREAT AGAINST DALAI LAMA), rationalize killing in order to save Kelsang Gyatso's purportedly infinitely powerful – but impotent – demon god Shugden, who Shugdenites celebrate for killing scores of Tibetan Buddhists in assistance of political power and retribution for an extremist sect.

According to Gyatso/NKT, "the Dalai Lama is a hard-as-nails politician who cares nothing for others or for Buddhism and therefore his actions are a legitimate target for protests....Nothing exists from it's own side - actions that are seemingly spiritual can be worldly and vice-versa, it depends on our motivation, not on what we do. Bodhichitta makes everything a spiritual action, even killing."

This is direct violation of Buddhist vows, which include not killing, stealing, lying, engaging in sexual misconduct, or taking intoxicants, all routinely violated inside NKT, thus confirming again Gyatso/NKT opposition to Buddhism. (NKT is a taxpayer-subsidized highly-profitable business marketing pop psychology and unlicensed psychotherapy, sponsoring festivals and courses, and renting out living quarters and meeting spaces.)

No thanks. Please do not kill us in the name of your demon 'spirituality' or for any other of your irrational rationalizations.

Gyatso/NKT also insist that the Dalai Lama is not a Buddhist even though hundreds of millions of people, virtually all governments, virtually all Buddhists, virtually all Buddhist organizations, the Nobel Prize Committee that awarded the Dalai Lama the Nobel Peace Prize, dozens of book publishers, hundreds of Buddhist authors, dozens of the Dalai Lama's co-authors and more consider the Dalai Lama an eminent Buddhist. The Dalai Lama, the most widely known Buddhist in history, has directly taught, in person, hundreds of thousands of us about Buddhism and indirectly millions of us. Even Gyatso once revered the Dalai Lama, who wrote the Forward to his first book. Gyatso's 'guru', Trijang Rinpoche, was a junior tutor of the Dalai Lama. Unlike Gyatso, the Dalai Lama has never been expelled by a Buddhist monastery.

In fact, the Dalai Lama has done more for Buddhism and Tsongkhapa than Gyatso/NKT can comprehend. In stark contrast to Gyatso/NKT, the Dalai Lama does not ban Tsongkhapa's books but rather the Dalai Lama reveres them and has co-authored several books about Tsongkhapa's teachings (also banned by Gyatso/NKT). The Dalai Lama has also authored, co-authored or endorsed dozens of other books about Buddhism.

Why does anyone consider it legal for Gyatso/NKT to use taxpayer funding and subsidies for its political protest rallies and threaten the world's best-known Buddhist?

Why would anyone listen to Gyatso/NKT rationalizations that killing is a spiritual activity?

Hopefully no one acts on this distorted belief.There are already far too many serial killers.

How can anyone not recognize that Gyatso/NKT are evil?


Editors Note
One target of NKT's rage responded.

"I have been warned that I am at risk of murder for speaking out against the NKT, and this explains why. Murdering someone who tries to stop the flourishing of Kadam Dharma and the expansion of the NKT would probably be considered similar to pacifying a mara. So if I am murdered, someone please arrest this man as a suspect!"

The 'man' referred to is an NKT 'monk' and teacher infamous for his bombastic cult devotion and propagation, eg he says "There's no question in Venerable Geshe-la's mind that without the protests, Je Tsongkhapa's tradition will be destroyed by the false Dalai Lama. That's good enough for me and trumps any other considerations. My offering to my Guru Dorje Shugden is my commitment to the protests. It doesn't matter what we think - it's what Geshe-la sees that counts. I trust his judgement, everything else is secondary." (Shugden is a fictional demon invented for political war and to devastate disbelievers, not a guru.)

NOTE: NKT is not Dharma and murder is illegal, not spiritual. Gyatso/NKT ban all books about Kadam Dharma, particularly those of its creators, Atisha and Tsongkhapa, neither of whom promoted killing. Gyatso/NKT are no more Buddhist or Kadampa than your left shoe.

This web site has also been attacked in defense of Gyatso and Shugden, begging the question, why do they need a defense?