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Shugden, NKT's favorite god and for whom NKT battles those less enamored.


The troops are joyous.

"I think it's quite interesting to have some guy in a latex suit doing a song and dance for Dorje Shugden because it shows that everyone can practice Dorje Shugden...

There are so many methods to bring down the ban and raise awareness and I find that using video is an interesting way as it shows people around the world that Dorje Shugden is indeed a popular and 'safe' practice for all, unlike what is being touted by the CTA. Putting videos on youtube and then letting people bump into them is a good idea of promoting and recently we also had an android Dorje Shugden Game which is cool and a cute Dorje Shugden Nyancat video. I hope to see Dorje Shugden appear on more media and through that more awareness on Dorje Shugden will spread.

It is always exciting to see such creativity especially when it is to spread our King."