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Kelsang Gyatso in Denial

Kelsang Gyatso created a political 'religion' in 1991 to purify Tsongkhapa's (1357–1419) New Kadampa Buddhism. Kelsang Gyatso cannot fathom harmony in Tibetan Buddhism. Purity trumps harmony at Kelsang Gyatso's 'New Kadampa Tradition'.

By the way, New Kadampa Buddhism is doing very well around the world, including Tibet, regardless of Kelsang Gyatso's campaign to replace it with his 'New Kadampa Tradition'. What a joke, Kesang Gyatso created a 'religion' for his politics and called it a Tradition, attempting to imply that it had a successful history....even before he created it for his business, NKT. Most likely, his 'Tradition' will not last as true Kadampa Buddhism has for a thousand years and true New Kadampa Buddhism has for 500 years.

Kelsang Gyatso denies that Shugden is harmful, but relies on Pabongkha and Trijang for Shugden lineage and supremacy.

However, (from an Internet post)

"It was the finest and highly regarded Gelugpa practitioners such as Pabongkha Dechen Nyingpo and Trijang Rinpoche that taught that dogyal was “a threatening and destructive influence.” Indeed, they praised it for threatening and destroying others because they believed that these others were in some way detrimental or damaging to the only valid tradition of religious practice or belief.

Pabongkhapa taught, “Dorje Shugden is extremely important for holding Tsongkhapa’s tradition without mixing and corrupting it with confusions due to the great violence and the speed of the force of his actions, which fall like lightning to punish violently all those beings who have wronged the Yellow Hat Tradition, whether they are high or low. Many from our own side, monks or lay people, high or low, are not content with Tsongkapa’s tradition, which is like pure gold, and have mixed and corrupted it with the mistaken views and practices from other schools, which are tenet systems that are reputed to be incredibly profound and amazingly fast but are mistakes among mistakes, faulty, dangerous and misleading paths. In regard to this situation, this protector of the doctrine, this witness, manifests his own form or a variety of unbearable manifestations of terrifying and frightening wrathful and fierce appearances. Due to that, a variety of events, some of them having happened or happening, some of which have been heard or seen, seem to have taken place: some people become unhinged and mad, some have a heart attack and suddenly die.”

Trijang Rinpoche taught, “Whether they were lords of Tibet, great lamas who held the political power of the throne, lamas and tulkus, great or small, with illustrious lines of incarnation, holy beings rich in scriptural and realized qualities, high lords of vast lands and works, those haughty with pride of family lineage, dominion and wealth, any who hypocritically claimed to be followers of Protector Manjusri Tsongkhapa’s Teachings while remaining unsatisfied with Je Lama’s precious Teachings of Sutra and Tantra which, in terms of view, meditation, and action, need not crave more from any other tradition, and, instead, mixed, polluted, or confused them with other modes of view and practice, whether lay or ordained, regardless of status, there have been many who have met with unpleasant wrathful punishments, such as being punished by authorities, litigation and legal disputes, untimely death, and so forth.”

Arguably, these are the two most influential and “highly regarded” Gelug lamas that taught and regarded dogyal spirit worship as “a very special practice.” Both of them taught that dogyal kills Gelugpas that take teachings from other traditions. It wasn’t just the opponents of the dogyal spirit that said this, it was its two greatest supporters."

No wonder Kelsang Gyatso's protests look so fierce.

If Tsongkhapa's books were not banned by Kelsang Gyatso, he and NKT would realize that Tsongkhapa would not agree, (Tsongkhapa is the most prolific author in Buddhism)

Certainly, Tsongkhapa never mentioned Shugden, who Kelsang Gyatso insists is Tsongkhapa. (for 600 years, Tsongkhapa has been considered an emanation of Manjushri; for 25 years, Kelsang Gyatso insists Shugden is an emanation of Manjushri)

Sadly, NKT followers are led into this quagmire drip by drip until they find that they are participating with and funding a cult. By then, the harm has been done.


Editor's Note:
We admire Tsongkhapa and pray that Kadampa Buddhism survives the harm that Kelsang Gyatso is doing to Tsongkhapa and Kadampa Buddhism. The Dalai Lama and Tibetans are doing their best to make this so.

Notably, Kelsang Gyatso calls anyone else who says that Shugden is dangerous a liar.

For doing so, NKT chants about the Dalai Lama that he is a Nazi, Marxist, dictator, murderer, hypocrit, human rights abuser, traitor, evil, Muslim, cruel, pig, false Dalai Lama, spiritual con man, one of biggest scams of the century, corrupt politician and CIA agent.

Kelsang Gyatso's 'New Kadampa Tradition' bans and disparages Tsongkhapa's New Kadampa Buddhism. In effect, Kelsang Gyatso teaches contempt for Tsongkhapa.