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NKT owns a large commercial tract of land in Scotland known as Tharpaland.

NKT is against the building of a wind farm to generate low-pollution electricity.

NKT claims that developing the wind farm would force Tharpaland to close. NKT also claims that the wind farm will have an adverse health effect on the Scottish people.

According to NKT's purported studies in NKT's government submission, the wind farm will produce a 70% decrease in human concentration....adversely impacting learning and job efficiency and causing fatal diseases, rage and suicide...Armageddon. Never mind that wind farms do not have such adverse consequences anywhere else (but do when they are next to an NKT business).

In its government petition, NKT claims...

"...a progressive intensification of three of the principal obstacles to developing concentration, (1) mental excitement (2) mental dullness and (3) mental sinking, during the approach to and within each windfarm,

...Many of the subjects reported the development of acute physical symptoms including (1) head and chest pressure and pain, and even intense pain (2) heart palpitations (missed beats) (3) nausea, stomach pain and dry retching (4) breast pain and (5) dizziness, both approaching and on site at all 3 windfarms,

...Subjects also reported disturbing negative psychological reactions including (1) confusion (2) loss of self-confidence (3) effects similar to depression (4) effects similar to mania (5) irritability and anger (6) heightened emotionality and crying,

...Subjects also reported a number of disturbing visual after-effects. Many of the other preceding adverse effects as well as other symptoms or reactions that developed later, persisted after leaving the windfarms, sometimes into later that evening or even over the next few days,

...these windfarms were centres of massive and traumatic disturbance, even after only a few hours,

...Infrasound is mainly inaudible sound, below the threshold of human hearing, at or below the frequency of 20 Hz. It is well-known that not only do large turbines produce infrasound, but that “…the peak acoustic energy radiated by the large wind turbines is in the infrasonic range, with a peak in the 8-12 Hz range." In other words, the main acoustic output of large turbines is infrasound, not the audible sounds of the turbines which can be heard,

...Many adverse health effects have been attributed to long-term exposure to low-frequency noise and infrasound, including heart disease, stroke, cancer, epilepsy, rage reactions, and suicide. Scotland is already a world leader in the incidence of cancer and heart disease. The siting of windfarms near locations of human habitation, especially major cities such as Glasgow (Whitelee Forest) and Aberdeen (off-shore) may dramatically increase the incidence of heart disease and cancer in those cities in the coming years,

...In view of their potential health hazards, tragic consequences could result if windfarms are turned into tourist attractions..."

Dire consequences indeed should anything interfere with NKT's retreat business in Scotland. Hey, NKT, you forgot to make a pitch for the jobs lost should people be hired to build the windfarms as a means to produce low-pollution energy for the community and its businesses to thrive.

NKT politics at work to deter any perceived adversity to its profits....an effort made possible by tax payers who subsidize NKT's business.

NKT, go away. Your hot air will be your demise, not a wind farm.

But if you are correct, Tharpaland's land value will plummet. Who would want to buy a tract of land associated with so much disease, death and despair?


NKT sold its Scottish Tharpaland, moved its enterprise to Germany on a site 4 miles from a wind farm and in a state with 4,000 wind turbines (the greatest per capita concentration in the world). Disease, death and despair to follow?

From the Scottish news...

"Monks selling retreat at Ae forest
Jun 29 2012 by Jackie Grant, Dumfries Standard Friday

BUDDHIST monks are selling their spiritual retreat in the forest of Ae because they can’t live near a windfarm.

Scottish Power, which has lodged plans to extend the Harestanes development with a further 19, 125-foot turbines, said it was close to finalising a buy-out deal with the Tharpaland monks.

Concerned monks submitted evidence to a Scottish parliamentary inquiry into the government’s renewable energy plans, claiming they suffered serious side effects when they were praying within five miles of a windfarm.

They say these included: pain in the head and chest, heart palpitations, dizziness, dry retching, anger, heightened emotions and crying,

Tharpaland is Britain’s only international retreat centre of a popular and growing branch of Buddhism known as the New Kadampa Tradition.

It was founded in 1985 and attracts thousands of people from all over the world.

In their evidence, the monks said: “As Buddhists, we cherish the natural environment and all who live in it and are committed to the development of clean and sustainable forms of energy and are therefore not opposed in principle to the development of windfarms.

“However, in March 2003, following news of a proposal to build a massive windfarm in the Forest of Ae, Tharpaland set about assessing the wider implications this would have on the centre’s ability to provide suitable conditions for meditative retreat, if the windfarm was approved.

“The findings of these studies were so surprisingly negative and adverse that there was little room for doubt that the proposed windfarm, if approved, would force Tharpaland to close.

“It showed a consistent and progressive average 70 per cent loss in ability to develop concentration over the various distances approaching the windfarms and virtually a total loss in ability to develop concentration at the turbine site itself.

“Subjects also reported disturbing negative psychological reactions including confusion, loss of self-confidence, effects similar to depression, effects similar to mania, irritability and anger, heightened emotionality and crying.

“For most of the subjects in these studies, these windfarms were centres of massive and traumatic disturbance, even after only a few hours. They also claim that spiritual centres and communities could be forced to close and disperse.

A Scottish Power spokesman said: “We have been in regular contact with Tharpaland and, after positive discussions, are in the process of finalising an agreement to purchase the property.”"