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We were asked by an NKT supporter to offer this web link.

This web site is unlike any NKT support web site we have found. No hate, no protests, no ridicule, no name calling, no finger pointing, no bragging, no know-it-all condescensions.

From the web site,

"This is a website to discuss ideas for the removal of obstacles not for negative venting, personal attacks or talk of giving up."

Although we do not agree with the idea that Shugden is a great king or with NKT's Shugdenism and distorted presentation of Buddhism and monastic vows, we feel that such a web site in its present format may serve a positive role model for NKT. Certainly, NKT has created many obstacles for itself.

We hope that this web site will not be drawn into NKT's battles.

The author of the web site noted that,

"There is the 7 ethics on my website that I composed. Most people who were hurt by the NKT wouldn't have been if these ethics were followed.

Why am I doing this? The answer is I don't want to do this, it took me a long time to conclude this is the only way. But morale in the centres is low & I'm not going to sit back & watch centres be damaged by bad administration & then close. How would I be able to live with myself if I carried on doing nothing & then they closed. If the admins were dealing with these issues then I could delete this website & would love nothing more. It seems saying something is potentially damaging but has saying nothing worked? You leave it & you know it will get worse. You wait & it does. I am not going to accept the ultimate result which will be a claim at some point over the next 15 years that community Dharma centres dont work for modern western people. When we could have beautiful Dharma communities if the admins had just listened. I hate writing this website but I know that if I dont I will be looking in ten years time thinking why didnt I say something. This situation can be changed & that must happen."

The author wrote,

"If we practice 7 spiritual ethics we will remove the claim we possess the 10 characteristics of a cult.

If we practice 7 spiritual ethics we will overcome all potential abuse problems.

The religious ethic 1: To have a feedback system where the feedback is valued & considered properly & addressed both by the leader & its administrators. Again a feedback system that is not just a token gesture but genuine. Listening to feedback is a great protector of religious groups. If 1 out of 10 people are finding a problem then when you convert 1000 people, 100 of them will have a problem. So it is crucial to solve these problems & address these issues in the early stages. Otherwise it will develop that an increasing number of former members often relate the same stories of abuse and reflect a similar pattern of grievances.

Religious ethic 2: Do not take large amounts of money from individuals. Find an ethical way to fundraise that is not this method. Do not lavish the leaders & admins with luxury whilst the new boy grinds away in a servile manner or vice versa. Do not spend fundraised money on other than you declared it was for.

Religious ethic 3: Do not speak ill of the non believer. They are sponsoring your spiritual life, building your halls of worship, making the clothes you wear & providing a society in which all the things you need are given with ease. They are also supporting your religious freedom. Do not say they are degenerates, lower beings, foolish etc. Always keep respect gratitude & valuing of the community. Keep good relations with neighbours and the community without any conversion agenda. Do not chastise people who want to read news & go outside & socialize.

Religious ethic 4: Do not coerce or pressure people in any way to convert so they then have to 'leave'. Do not let people take commitments/vows/contracts when they are not ready. People who have converted must be treated well if they choose to leave and not be put under any pressure to stay. They must be as free as a bird. Once they are outside they must continue to be treated well & respected with gratitude for their contribution before they left. If the philosophy is very different from world view then the person should be supported as they go back to their previous world view as it can be disorientating.

Religious ethic 5: Do not treat new people & visitors different from converts. If you wouldn't do it to a new person don't do it to a convert & vice versa. Do not treat rich young able people differently from sick elderly poor people. If you wouldn't invade a new person's privacy don't invade the privacy of a long time devotee.

Religious ethic 6: As a leader admit your mistakes. We are all on a spiritual journey together & seeing how you overcome problems will help us do the same. Purity is about your intention so if you are open to feedback on how to do things administratively this does not damage people's faith in you as long as you have a good intention of cherishing & respecting other people both converts & non converts. Do not hide your faults & shortcomings. Do not discourage feedback by showing distress. If you are distressed by information, people who work for you will hide it from you. Do not teach arrogance by chastising people. Because then they will copy you. Do not be distant from your disciples as misunderstandings will develop if people cannot contact you. Do not dictate policy rather ask people for ideas. Of course the teaching cannot be edited but to administrate enforced control of people's activities & speech leads to rebellion & harm to everybody, yourself, your admins, current members & former members.

Religious ethic 7: Do not pressure other sects to follow your methods; each sect has their own way. If another sect is pressuring you then show them this document. The only time to interfere in another sect's business is if members of the other sect ask you for help. At that time help in accordance with their wishes if it is ethical. Do not belittle other sects as you do not know if they have secret more advanced instructions that surpass yours. If another sect is being unethical they will culminate many ex followers raising protest. Therefore the issue will automatically be resolved between the sect & its ex members. Therefore there is no need to criticize other sects as nature will take its course. The sect will have to adapt & stop upsetting people. If you think your sect is better than other sects you might be able to say this without it corrupting your heart but when everyone starts copying you & saying it and it becomes the norm what will happen? Offense, arrogance will become rife."

These precepts sound reasonable to us.