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NKT is a detour for our spirituality. The longer we stay on NKT's path the more we delay our ultimate spiritual mission - to devote ourselves to others. Until we attain this spirituality we will be trapped in suffering, arrogantly extended by NKT.

NKT's self indulgence teaches a distorted faith. It abuses legacies of Buddhist Lamas to justify its distortions. It hijacks us, capitalizing on our yearnings for meaningful spirituality and tantalizes us with grandiose tantric promises.

NKT replaces transcendent experience with its egoistic drive to be right, which emboldens its myopic ego further away from Buddha's path. When it does not get its way NKT organizes protest rallies and demeaning Internet attacks against Lamas who do not accept NKT's myopia and its followers who question NKT's contempt. To increase suffering through increasing self indulgence in others is NKT's way.

NKT's ego opposes true spirituality, our fundamental purpose, revealed as charity, kindness and compassion. We exist for others, not ourselves. NKT teaches the opposite.

Only without ego are we ready to see the divine. Only when we dethrone ourselves are we ready for true compassion....the path of Buddha.