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Moving On

Fight the delusions that those in the NKT do not have the strength to fight.

I am grateful to the NKT in the end for being so openly corrupt in their ridiculous accusations against the Dalai Lama and their scary blind faith when it came to my questioning about statements that the Dalai Lama was a Muslim.

I had the most beautiful moment when my eyes opened and I saw my true delusion. I saw clearly that I believed things because I wanted to believe - and it was the mirror held up to this blind faith that ultimately made me see myself clearly for the first time in years. I wanted to belong. I wanted a group that could give me answers. I wanted to believe and if that meant I had to buy a whole load of justification for some really awful actions, I was willing to buy that too in order to have certainty in my life and belonging.

This is attachment. Attachment to certainty and attachment to a sense of belonging.

Welcome to some of the more subtle delusions that you will never hear about in the NKT but are all clearly stated as fundamental in the core teachings of Buddha.

In the NKT they say you can't be attached to Sangha as Sangha is a pure object and therefore it can't bring you harm. One day you will be able to laugh at that statement and see it for what it truly is. This was a beautiful realisation for me although also painful. See the beauty in what you are going through (despite the pain) and continue to find your strength.


Editors Note:
Humbling it is to see profound insights and one helping another. A fine way to begin a new day.