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While Kelsang Gyatso and NKTites assert that Shugden is a special prize of the Tibetan Gelugpa tradition (which Kelsang Gyatso now claims is corrupt and degenerate and requiring his purification) as well as a core driving force for NKT 's 'faith' and public policy, a Shugdenite recently reported (see footnote),

"Virupa was born as the crown prince into a royal family in south of India, some 1020 years after Lord Buddha reached nirvana or enlightenment. However, the dating of Virupa is somewhat uncertain given the limited factual evidence although it is believed that Virupa made at least three appearances in this world.

Virupa was known as Dharmapala and it was only towards the latter part of his life, after achieving Siddhi where he called himself, Virupa, which means "wicked".

At the age of 70, after many years of faithful practice on Vajrayana, Virupa began having dreams which he interpreted as bad omens and he saw no signs of spiritual attainment. Having decided that he had no karmic connection with Vajrayana, he threw his prayers beads into the latrine and gave up his practice on Vajrayana.

The following evening, Vajra Nairatmya appeared before him in her own mandala of fifteen goddesses where she bestowed on Virupa the four initiations, after which Virupa attained the Path of Seeing of the First Bhumi. Virupa had then realised the true significance of his dreams which he wrongly interpreted as bad omens. From that evening onwards, Virupa attained a higher Bhumi each day until he became the great Bodhisattva of the Sixth Bhumi.

Virupa was known for his magical power such as parting the water of the Ganges River on two occasions and halting the sun in its normal course for three days from a beer tavern in southern India.

When Virupa passed away, some said that he dissolved into a stone image and others said that he became a stone image. This stone image pointed at the sun with its right hand and held a container of gold paint in its left hand. It is said that this gold paint can turn any metal into gold."



Buddha Shakyamuni lived about 500 BC. Virupa lived about 500 AD. The Tibetan Lama Tsongkhapa lived about 1400 AD, was a prolific author but never once mentioned Virupa or Shugden. A couple hundred years later, Shugden lore began, which Kelsang Gyatso claims actually began about 1,000 years earlier with Virupa and a few hundred hears before Buddhism spread to Tibet from India.

Amazingly, Kelsang Gyato's claims Shugden to be a Buddha....even though "At the age of 70, after many years of faithful practice on Vajrayana, Virupa began having dreams which he interpreted as bad omens and he saw no signs of spiritual attainment."

An NKT-purported Buddha who did not know it. An NKT-purported Buddha who stopped the sun for 3 days, which would cause immense harm to living beings. An NKT-purported Buddha whose statue holds a container of gold paint that will turn any metal into gold. An NKT-purported Buddha for whom Kelsang Gyatso created a profitable 'religion' and real estate empire to protect.

According to the account above, Virupa attained the Sixth Bhumi of a total of 10 levels of Bhumi to become a Buddha. Virupa did not attain later levels, which included getting above ideas of self in order to save others (7th level), promoting Dharma very well (9th level) and becoming able to talk to promote Dharma and make Dharma rain (10th level). Virupa did not become a Buddha.

Kelsang Gyatso's 'religion', protest rallies and Internet attacks are based on a false premise. Hate based on a lie. A fraud.


The Shugdenite quoted from the web site of His Chogye Trichen Rinpoche, Ngawang Khyenrab Thupten Lekshe Gyatso, head of Tsharpa branch of the Sakya Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.