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NKT OZ Revisited

Several years ago, an essay here shared the seedy side of two of NKT's notorious teachers. Beyond OZ and NKT, they may be a lovely couple. They are probably now millionaires and the wealthiest NKT teachers in the world.

Rebecca Gauthier and Len Foley (OZ, WONDERLAND AND MAKE BELIEVE)

caution: pornographic material

Where are they today? (November 2019)

Gauthier, who spent three years to become a 'Buddhist nun', is still teaching at NKT in California. Gauthier says she is teaching millions about alternative health on stage and in DVDs.

Foley, who spent three years to become a priest, is still listed as an NKT teacher in California. Foley sells unproven herbs, pills and drops, and is now writing children's books.

According to Foley, "He wrote and self-published seven badly-written books that nobody wanted to read. Nowadays, you won't find Len trying to write the Great American Novel, but you will find him making up stories about potatoes and smelly socks." One of his new books, "I'm Swimming in the Toilet... PLEASE DON'T FLUSH!"

Five years ago, the married couple protested against the Dalai Lama on behalf of NKT's demon god Shugden, who NKT believe is so helpless that it needs NKT's worldwide protest rallies.

Gauthier.... (note: NKT falsely claims it is not what is known as the terror group, The International Shugden Community, though its teachers and clergy run it; NOTE: the Dalai Lama forces no one to do anything, this is a recurring NKT lie)


Foley.... (starting 28 seconds into video, compares the Dalai Lama's views of Shugden, which are those of virtually all Buddhists, to the Crusades and Holocaust)