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Please consider making a financial contribution to the Kadampa Meditation Center Florida.

Since the Temple Opening event in June 2011, hundreds of people have felt protected by receiving the gift of Dharma by attending General Program classes, Sunday Prayers for World Peace, lunchtime meditations, daily guided meditations, study program classes, chanted prayers and special events such as the First Annual Florida Dharma Celebration. Perhaps you too have attended some of these events and experienced their beneficial effects.

Our mission at the Florida Temple for World Peace is to give the gift of Dharma to the people of Florida. One glance at our monthly calendar shows that we make every effort to offer classes at times convenient to all. This is our mission and our great pleasure: to give everyone the means to achieve permanent inner peace in order to create the causes for peace in our world.

If you feel we are helping you and helping the people of Sarasota, please take a moment to consider offering your support of a tax-deductible donation.

There are two main ways you can financially support the Temple:

1. Give a one-time donation. Any contribution—large or small—is greatly appreciated. In particular there is great need for those with means to open their hearts and give in larger amounts--$1,000, $5,000 or more—which would help support some significant projects, such as the installation of a perimeter fence and two permanent exterior signs.

2. Make smaller, monthly donations throughout 2012. Although you may not be able to make a large donation, smaller monthly donations made throughout the year can create an enormous collective effect.


$1,000, $5,000 or more from several contributors to help install a fence and 2 exterior signs! Such a product from NKT Dharma sales...for your protection. And, it's tax deductible too.

Such a great example of the cynical fields of behavioral economics and neuromarketing.

Visualized...crane in a Bodhi tree to the Sarasota temple for a few thousand dollars (adjacent to fast food at Popeye's). According to NKT, yet another Shugden project (would have been nice for the reportedly living Shugden to have been there).

Speaking of Popeye....(from Wikipedia)...Popeye the Sailor is a cartoon fictional character, who has appeared in comic strips and animated cartoons. Kind of like the Shugden cartoon and comic book marketed to praise Shugden in order to get rich, cast off disease and harm, save one from dying in car accidents, and increase intelligence and memory...and if you are luckier than anyone else has been for thousands of years, be awarded Buddhahood.

Since NKT's 'new tradition' began in 1990, how much permanent peace have the millions of dollars of sales and government subsidies achieved? More millions will produce more? (none, no) By any measure, is NKT worth it?

It is tragic that anyone buys this stuff of NKT's lucrative 'religion'...thereby distancing themselves from the purpose of Buddhism and Buddha nature - to help others rather than yourself.