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Many big and small Dorje Shugden stupas erected all over Tibet, Dorje Shugden is spreading all over!


Definitely this is another clear indication of the the spread and continuation of our holy protector's practice - so blessed we are!!! May there be DS stupas and statues all around the world.

The stupas are a brilliant repository of merit-making and for me, whats really brilliant to see is that the Protector practice is alive and well in Tibet, and growing. A friend of mine recently visited Tibet, and he told me that in some places, the monasteries are little more than theme parks with people hired to be monks.

With such demand, and the fact Dorje Shugden is not encouraged by the TGIE (Tibet Government in Exile previously headed by the Dalai Lama ouitside of Tibet in India), there's every reason for the Chinese government to fully support this practice...and you KNOW the Chinese govt is just ACHING to find a sore point to rub into the TGIE's side.


Editors Note:
NKT exports Shugdenism around the world.


Shugdenites thank this web site for what they see as assisting the spread of Shugdenism.

Not enough for NKT.

So tightly NKT supporters hold their ego that they lash out at the Dalai Lama and anyone else who does not marry themselves with Shugdenism. It's NKT's way or be damned. NKT has similar animosity against Tibetan Buddhism, which NKT professes is corrupt and degenerate at the hands of dictators and spies.


NKT's Shugdenism is a waste of life. NKT's followers will figure this out eventually in this or future lives. They will realize that spreading hate only clouds and detours the joy they will gain from the spirituality and benefits to others of love and compassion.

As noted in the essay, Shugdenites use Shugden to cause pain...described in The Yellow Book, the Shugden treatise that convinced the Dalai Lama and many others about the harm sought by Shugdenites against disbelievers.