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Didn't You Get The Memo?

To all NKT-IKBU Centres
05 August 2010

Dear Administrative Directors,

Because of the potential for great spiritual confusion both now and in the future, we advise and request that NKT Centres, teachers, managers and residents do not get involved with the activities of any Tibetan Buddhist groups, teachers or their students.

If you receive any invitations or requests from a Tibetan Buddhist group, teacher or student, please politely decline them, and forward them to the Education Council Representatives for our information.

These approaches can be for support in some form (for example with donations, fundraising events, visa applications, hosting, transport, publicity, social events); or offers to give teachings, empowerments or informal talks, or to perform pujas, ceremonies, ritual demonstrations and so on.

The main reason for this request is to help NKT practitioners to avoid mixing spiritual traditions, while of course maintaining respect for other traditions. It will also avoid being drawn into the many difficult political problems associated with Tibetan Buddhism, caused by mixing Dharma and politic.

Please inform the teachers, managers and residents at your Centre of this advice and request. Thank you for your co-operation.

Warm regards,

Steve Cowing, NKT-IKBU Secretary
on behalf of the GSD and Education Council Reps


Editors Note:
Protesting them, trashing them on the Internet, threatening them is OK!

So ridiculous.

Just as Kelsang Gyatso said in 1998, interacting with Tibetan Buddhism is a political problem at NKT. But, politics is at the core of NKT.

And, Kelsang Gyatso bans any books from Buddhist teachers, including those written by Tsongkhapa or that transcribe the words of Buddha Shakyamuni.

Published comments to this memo include,

An amazing, eye-opening document! This obsession with purity! What immediately comes to mind for me personally is Nazi Germany’s obsession with racial/blood purity. Is there any reason to believe that the NKT has come to embrace a different, more moderate outlook some four years later?

I read in a book about fundamentalism that at the core of any fundamentalism lies a concept or “purity”, and I think this is very true. Yes, the pure NKT blood should not be mixed with the bad blood of Tibetan Buddhists.

The only time they are allowed near any Tibetans is when they are defaming His Holiness. What a dry, sad and limited way to practice Buddhism. I am surprised people stay in such a fundamentalist sect voluntarily.

Very telling and sad indeed. What a horrible “universe” to limit yourself to.

Reasons why Kelsang Gyatso may not want his students to have contact with Tibetan people or to know his full background:
1. His lack of orthodox qualifications and methods will be revealed
2. His students may want to visit places he lived in and go for refuge to his previous teachers
3. The lack of training by NKT teachers will become obvious
4. By comparison to that of other Tibetan teachers and Gelug founder, Je Tsongkhapa, Kelsang Gyatso’s transmissions and teachings are minimal
5. Comparisons with texts by the Indian Masters show that the NKT is only teaching introductory works
6. His students will hear the reasons why His Holiness the Dalai Lama does not want his students to practice Shugden
7. New students would often be more inclined to respect His Holiness’ views than that of fundamentalist views clothed in the language of Human Rights.

If they use the internet to slander the Dalai Lama this is highly welcomed. But if they use the internet to investigate the faults of NKT leadership, e.g. the sexual abuse of nuns by the NKT deputy Gen-la Kelsang Samden and how this could happen again and again although Kelsang Gyatso was informed about the abuse, then this is “meaningless activity” and the internet forum was shut down:

(from Kelsang Gyatso)
Some small group in our NKT society engage in meaningless activity on the internet, not only Sangha, some lay. This is incorrect. We are Kadampa practitioners, Kadampa Teachers. Why are we enjoying meaningless activity, discussion? We can have a meaningful discussion with pure practitioners or senior practitioners, Teachers. There is no meaning in talking about silly things publicly on the internet.

Instead, make meaningful discussion with our pure practitioners, senior Teachers. Please give my message to the individuals of this group. Stop this kind of actions. Gen-la Khyenrab, give my message in email or writing. Stop meaningless discussion on the internet. If you wish, do meaningful discussion with senior Teachers or pure practitioners, or meaningful discussion with your Teacher.

No meaning engaging in silly question and answers on the internet. Please Gen-la Khyenrab, pass my message. I am telling you for your purpose and our society’s purpose. In this way, keep individuals and society pure and show very good example.