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After the German course, the lamas departed for England. At Manjushri Institute, the lamas stayed in Monica's cottage, which had been named for a generous French woman who leased it for a tidy sum but rarely visited. The upstairs rooms were kept exclusively for the lamas' use and the rest of the house was leased to students. Manjushri was still an uncomfortable place to stay. Parts of the main building remained unsafe, the chemicals used to combat dry-rot stank terribly, and everyone suffered from coughs and colds. Even Monica's cottage had a dead crow stuck in the chimney.

But these were minor problems. The big issue concerned 'Geshe' Kelsang Gyatso. At the request of some students he had opened his own private Dharma center within a year of arriving in England. This was directly in contravention of the Geshe Agreement that was signed by all FPMT geshes in the West, including 'Geshe' Kelsang himself. By signing the agreement 'Geshe' Kelsang had agreed not to open any centers of his own while still in the employ of the FPMT. 'Geshe' Kelsang Gyatso's contract with FPMT was for three years. When confronted with this issue, 'Geshe' Kelsang threatened to leave Manjushri Institute.

Many of 'Geshe' Kelsang's close students had very little contact with Lama Yeshe. Thoroughly alarmed at the idea of losing their teacher, they drew up a petition asking him to stay on. One student took a letter around and asked people to sign it. Many did. 'Geshe' Kelsang stayed on but now at what he considered the personal invitation of his own devoted students rather than under contract with the FPMT. The whole matter struck a most disquieting note.

From this point on, each time Lama Yeshe arrived at Manjushri Institute, 'Geshe' Kelsang Gyatso absented himself for the length of his visit. He continued to work at strengthening a support base for himself among the students, one that did not include Lama Yeshe. At the same time, however, he was also very keen to publish with Publications for Wisdom Culture. Harvey Horrocks, still Manjushri's director, had long discussions with Lama Yeshe over the intricacies of copyright as it applied to FPMT center geshes, translators, and teachers.


Manjushri Institute, from which NKT plays politics with government subsidy