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Like a tool in the wrong hands, an idea in the wrong mind can cause harm.

So it is with NKT.

While at first it appears that Kelsang Gyatso distilled Tibetan Buddhism for western audiences, clear thinking and ready observation of his politics against Tibet and its religious and political leaders show that he has the wrong hands and the wrong mind.

In turn, Tibet, Tibetan Buddhism, Tibetan leaders in exile in India due to the communist overthrow of Tibet, and NKT clergy and students who question Kelsang Gyatso's political aspirations and psychological torment have been harmed....and because NKT thrives on so much public subsidy, at substantial taxpayer expense.

Kelsang Gyatso, a discredited renegade from Tibet, founded a cult to commercialize a novel religious experience. Based on the scope and opulence of his real estate and business holdings, Kelsang Gyatso and his cult, NKT, have been a success.

Like other cults, NKT has perfected its formula for success.

- Attract newcomers and donors with pious mythology of purity and infinite happiness, selling a special NKT-brand fast track to nirvana and superiority over others.

- Then, impregnate need, NKT's critical ingredient. Create dependency.

- Stifle independent thinking.

- Addict followers to NKT founder, Kelsang Gyatso, and separate NKT from all other forms of religion and from all other religious leaders and religious texts.

- Provide government-subsidized food and shelter.

- Provide regular meditations and retreats geared to solve a range of personal problems.

- Induct young clergy that vow to relinquish their lives for NKT. Request loans from students.

- Tantalize students and clergy with art and tantric empowerments regardless of their preparation.

- Subject some to sexual and other forms of abuse to inculcate guilt.

- Nurture sense of paranoia regarding outside groups.

- For those who question NKT, including its fund raising for protest rallies and derogatory web sites, threaten them, throw them out of their NKT apartments and if needed ban them from NKT.

- Then ridicule them as psychologically damaged, not by NKT but rather that they were that way all along.

- For the most vocal NKT survivors who share their bad experiences inside NKT, circulate on the Internet embarrassing and negative stories about them. Trivialize and demean them.

- Thrive on arrogance. Threaten all critics. Ignore public welfare.

Consequently, NKT is a mangled religion respected by few outside of NKT and its law firms.

NKT reveals its mangled mind particularly boldly in its latest publication, A Great Deception, now on sale. Parts of this book have been quoted in many of the last several essays presented on this web site.

NKT markets its book as a spiritual solution to a political problem in the Tibetan community.

However, any reader of this book seeking exploration of spirituality will be shocked by the book's absence of any spirituality or kindness. Caring minds will be horrified by the book's hate mongering. The book, like NKT's anti-Dalai Lama posters, are reminiscent of those dark wall paintings of social radicals seeking stark societal reconstruction in favor of a bleak violent utopia.

NKT, the controversial British cult behind this so-called book, would have you believe that the views in hundreds of books and tens of thousands of previous journalist reports, views of millions of Tibetans, views of hundreds of millions of Buddhists and non Buddhists around the world, and views of virtually all governments around the world about the Dalai Lama are all lies and some sort of conspiracy against NKT and its glorified demon god, Shugden.

Noted by a reviewer of this book,

"The hate of Buddhism, Tibet and the Dalai Lama is immediately evident in this so-called book. It was written and is being promoted by a controversial cult based in England founded by a discredited renegade filled with envy who has long wanted the removal of the Dalai Lama as a highly regarded religious and political leader. The book recasts various facts into the most negative and absurd interpretations possible in order to make a political statement against a respected spiritual man and head of a state in exile from its homeland (Tibet) after a communist invasion during the 1950s.

The cult promotes that the Dalai Lama is a fake Dalai Lama, that he caused the demise of Tibet and Tibetan Buddhism and that the world's admiration for him, his Nobel Prize for peace and all his accolades are a scam.

Fortunately, the far larger number of books about the Dalai Lama available, including here on amazon.com, present a far more accurate and useful perspective.

The book is a remarkable psychological anatomy of a cult desperate to spread hate as its religion.

Unfortunately, the cult has already been successful in removing reviews of this book that the cult deems unsupportive of its illicit mission. Unfortunately, amazon.com is being abused by this cult in the process."

(amazon.com has dozens of books about the Dalai Lama for sale that present a consistent assessment of the Dalai Lama that dramatically differs from NKT's distorted picture)

Several other reviews and comments to them, praising and critical of the book, are available at the US and UK sites for amazon.com. However, as pointed out, NKT has been successful in having various critical reviews removed.

One example follows,

"The Western Shugden Society wants to show in that book that the Dalai Lama (and the former Dalai Lamas) are cruel and evil beings "who have failed continuously". They try their best to portray the present Dalai Lama as a ruthless dictator by exploiting certain sources and putting a spin on the facts which proof their imagination of the Dalai Lama as a spiritual and religious incompetent power hungry dictator.

To 'proof' their imagination/projection of the Dalai Lama as a very vile being the book exploits certain sources and mixes them with unverified rumours, semi-truths, some truths and untruths, and deliberately ignores facts to be able to put a crude spin on the facts which 'shows' their projection of the Dalai Lama to be 'true'. The perversions of the book are so nasty, that I think, this book is an insult for the intellect, an insult for human integrity, and it does not deserve even one star. For me it mainly expresses the paranoia of a group, a British cult, who hides the face behind this front group. I think, the book is something between crude Agit-Prop, Conspiracy Theory and a hate preach of radical religious believers. Mainly the book invites concepts that evoke feelings of hatred or fear.

Tibet scholar Robert Barnett of Columbia University states about the group that they are "severely lacking in credibility". I think there is nothing to add.