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NKT's fight against love and glory.

NKT's method...assign carnal attributes to an invented spiritual being designed for western consumption. And, sell many promises of fast-track nirvana in ways addictively appealing.

NKT's source for its western Shugden embellishment, Tibetan folklore. From Rene de Nebesky-Wojkowitz's book,

"From his shoulders hangs a garland of fifty, freshly severed, blood dripping heads. A human skin serves as his carpet…The southern gate is held closed in accordance with an old tradition that the chokyong Dorje Shugden is waiting at this entrance for the day to come on which he will be allowed to enter the monastery, to succeed Pehar as the chief dharmapala of Tibet…The heavenly abode in which (Shugden) is believed to dwell...is filled with various destroyed beings....There are countless springs overflowing with red and white poison...Human corpses - mummified, fresh, and in decomposition - are lying scattered around. Waves of blood and fat billow tremendously...Inside the palace, corpses of men and carcasses of horses are spread out, and the blood of men and horses streams together forming a lake. Human skins and hides of tigers are stretched into curtains...A great number of various objects and substances is offered to (Shugden) at the time of his worship: heart-blood in which yellow-red bubbles rise one after the other, quivering flowers made out of the organas of the five senses...The strong smelling liquid consisting of brain, blood, and bile, the heep of food composed of the organs of the five senses, hearts, meat, and bone..."


For NKT, Shugden is the go-to political, health care, mental health, financial and wish-fulfilling deity.

"He increases intelligence and memory.

He protects you from dangers and harm.

He clears obstacles and brings wealth.

He brings healing to the body, mind and spirit.

He...grants our wishes quickly.

I would have almost died in a car accident if not for Dorje Shugden.

Dorje Shugden turned my finances around so quickly - it was amazing."

NKT relies on and thrives on the well-meaning and often self-centered intentions of new followers and young clergy and the their and their family's bank accounts. Then, through an insidious process of selection, elevates into power positions over others its leadership class to manipulate students, threaten being banned from their NKT apartments or from attendance to NKT events, and organize protest rallies and Internet campaigns against Buddhist lamas and those who question NKT's PR tactics.

The result of NKT's mission...to tragically metamorphose spirituality into hatred for egocentric and political prowess, leaving behind scandals and personal tragedies.

NKT's founder, Kelsang Gyatso, is determined.


the great pretender