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Contradicting NKT's refrain that Shugden worshipers have been crushed by the Dalai Lama, NKT recently posted another video. No voiceover, no text over. No celebration of Shugden. No depiction of Shugden. No protest banners. No NKT clergy yelling into megaphones and shaking raised fists. The video celebrates a new Shugden monastery in India that at least looks like it cost more than a few dollars to build and maintain, contradicting NKT's alleged poverty and outcast status of Shugdenites in order to dramatize its politics for the media.

Pleasant, non confrontational, unlike NKT usually.

But wait.

NKT's web page text accompanying the video...

"What you do is fantastic and wonderful to awaken the slumbering Practioners and take to the Streets to Shout Down this Fanatic Dalia Lama. Who thinks he might be Rasputin in the Russian Courts. I think he took to much LSD with Bob Thurman and lost his way home.

All the Work so diligently performed by the Servants of Lord Shugden on the Western Shugden Society’s site gains incredible merit for showing the truth about this renegade monk gone amuck."

Notable....how Shugdenism gets translated by NKTites for western audiences into seething hate and a political battle.