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Lost and Found

NKT's wonder god, Kelsang Gyatso, has been gone since 2013. No appearances to almost anyone.

But one NKT 'kadampa' found him.

Lucy James, fired by Gyatso in 2008 for not supplying protesters against the Dalai Lama but later re-hired, reported January 25, 2019 what happened during an hour-long meeting with Gyatso.

"In that meeting with my teacher, he also talked about the importance of women practitioners and Dakinis – and then he transformed into a Dakini and walked around the room. On the surface he is a pure, kind, reliable Buddhist monk. Inside he is always motivated by universal love and compassion. And deep down, who is he secretly?!"

NKT's favorite Dakini is Vajrayogini, described by NKT as "Vajrayogini is a female enlightened Deity of Highest Yoga Tantra who is the manifestation of the wisdom of all Buddhas. Her function is to guide all living beings to the Pure Land of Keajra, or Pure Dakini Land." NOTE: For Highest Yoga Tantra (a dubious preoccupation of NKT), Dakinis serve as female consorts for sexual union with trained males.

Gyatso heirs and other NKT leaders treated female NKT members as Dakinis for sexual abuse, leading to extreme psychological trauma and suicide of victims.

The elderly Gyatso TRANSFORMED into a physical and speaking Dakini! Lucy James says what she saw changed her life. No wonder, she was talking with a transformed (purported to be by NKT) Buddha. Remarkable. Why didn't NKT release video press releases, including video of the transformation? Then the world could have been amazed instead of sickened by Gyatso's assault on Buddhism.

Gyatso serving as a female consort for Highest Yoga Tantra???

Lucy James depicted a Dakini in sexual union (Gyatso auto-erotica) as...

Most of us know the answer to Lucy James' question. Gytso is a political, envious man focused on ridding the world of the Dalai Lama for 30+ years and using taxpayer funding to build a golden real estate empire and threatening those who stand in his way with litigation and defamation.


Editors Note
September 28, 2021, James 'published' on her NKT web site, after 30 years of hurtful NKT Facebook posts protesting against the Dalai Lama and Tibetan Buddhim, undermining true Kadampa Buddhism, abusing members and attacking and threatening survivors...

False of course, though exercised intensely by NKT clergy.

We prefer honesty and compassion.