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In case anyone thinks NKT has cleaned up its act, consider such NKTite comments during the first couple weeks of 2010 that appeared on only one of the many NKT blog web sites,

"He (the Dalai Lama) simply cannot answer any (Buddhism) religious question period.

Dare I say that this Dalia Lama is a trash talking grifter and has no international status other than a dictator of a medieval theocracy, which enslaved millions of Tibetans as mere Serfs or Speaking Tools until the Chinese threw his effervescent bottom out the door.

This stooge (the Dalai Lama) for the CIA enlisted thousand of Insurgents to fight the Chinese in their own country for some 12 years or so.

OBAMA WILL DROP THE LAMA AND DL WILL NEVER MEET THIS PRESIDENT. No matter how hard Pelosi and Gere push this fruit vendor, his days are numbered and his legacy is going down the tubes.

Why would this so called lama wish to even consider intervening in the actual affairs of Nations, if not push his incessant agenda to assume his Medieval Throne. The rambling ravings of an old man.

He (the Dalai Lama) is a two faced old man speaking out both sides of his face.

We all have different experiences and mine come directly from this Liar and thief. (referring to the Dalai Lama)

There are no rules now to deal with him (the Dalai Lama). It is called warfare.

It is my belief that this Dalia Lama lineage has seen it’s day and it was a bad idea from the begining. It is mine and others intent to take his layers off one piece at a time.

Yes! We will give him (the Dalai Lama) his comeuppins, just like all the monks get once a month, a paddling, a spanking, what is wrong with that? It’s not like I intend to kill him, like he did the Wisdom Buddha.

(against the Dalai Lama) You forget that there are a possible Billion Chinese that might agree with me, at least 70 million do unequivocally do agree with me.

If I need to say ‘liar’, ‘fraud’, ‘cheat’ and ‘hypocrite’ to protect Je Tsongkhapa’s tradition from being destroyed, I’ll do it and face the consequences.

I don’t believe that the Dalai Lama can be stopped simply by pointing out the inconsistencies in his actions and words. I understand that the power of the Dalai Lama’s speech has to be completely destroyed.

The Dalai Lama is NOT a holy being...if you have any doubt, please read ‘A Great Deception’.

The only way to destroy the power of the Dalai Lama’s speech is to show him as he really is – to shine the light of wisdom on him and tell things as they really are. Liar, hypocrite, fraud and cheat are perfect descriptions...my doubts are removed because these are words that our own Teachers (Gelugpa Lamas) who compiled ‘A Great Deception’ have used.

This not the time to sit back and watch your navel set and rise.

(referring to the Dalai Lama) He has people killed...He killed my friend and teacher, Kyabje Dagom. He made the monks in Bloomington fearful. I saw it in their eyes. He may still try and kill others, including myself.

The Dalia Lama lies and perverts even in the place where Lord Buddha obtained enlightenment...Profanity incarnate!

(speaking about the Dalai Lama) Why would a Muslim by birth do such a thing? You know they say, not all Muslims are Terrorist, but all Terrorist are Muslims. He cannot be a Buddhist.

I think the Chinese are working on a Big Documentary based upon facts from themselves and from us.

He (the Dalai Lama) is as disgusting as it comes.

He (the Dalai Lama) is a Murderer and a Liar.

What does the Catholic Church of the Holy Roman Empire have in common with the Dalia Lama’s approach? One led an Inquistion that condemned some 10 million Midwives and heretics to burn or be beheaded over 200 years for not beliving as they were told. The other enlisted the Mongolian Calvary to slaughter tens of thousands to die by the sword for interrupting a political coup that this Dalia Lama and his predecessors keep alive the lie that he was the chosen one and not his compatriot Dragpa Gyaltshen.By killing and mutilations this Lineage of supposed lamas kept and entire people subjugated and enslaved as serfs since then and until now in some places the belief that the Supreme Dharma Protector, Dorje shugden is a Devil and not a revered Wisdom Buddha. This Dalia Lama and his fiendish cohorts propigate the lies that only he continues to induce upon the brainwashed followers that still listen to their former Mastrer as though he were actually a God King.

Send the Great Deception to whomever you know, one grain of sand at a time can move an entire mountain. We all matter and he must cease and desisit...I am waiting to hear a great big thump on the floor not to long from now.

What did he ever do for the common person during his tenure as a Dictator? Nothing.

He is a coward or a cardboard cutout, a Barbie Doll with her Ken, so cute, so mute and says only preprogrammed dogma. What can you expect from a man who is now just a cartoon icon and is as temporal as a Baseball Player on steroids? Nothing but denial as we have seen, men set themselves us as idols are doomed to fail, once the proof is given, even then they lie to protect their reputations, wealth and hope not to go to jail. He scurries around likd a squirrel hoarding his nuts and squeals and chirps to protect his lard just like any other human.

Hey China, give us a hand. Bring out the Panchen Lama and show the world how he shines.

Theocracies suck big time and to think otherwise, well just go to Tehran. I see little difference from the Catholics and Muslims and you and your tired old group of old grumpy men ranting and raving as though you were totally insane.

As I suggested that perhaps Gandan and NKT, send as many monks from India and the world’s centers and elsewhere to Indiana. How much could it cost to charter a Jumbo Jet directly or ask the PRC to lend us one and take the Monks from India to Indiana. Imagine a Jet landing at the Bloomington Airport with the Red flag and five gold stars? Two thousand Chinese might join to shout in unison Be a Lama or Shut Up, something like that. Write the People in China and ask for a Jet to carry our Warriors of Shambala from across the world to the southen hills of Indiana." (PRC = Peoples Republic of China)

2010, looks like more of the same old hate machine from NKT, despiser of Buddhism, Catholicism and Islam.