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The most famous NKTites, fired by NKT for thinking.




Editors Note:
Found these comments about Kelsang Gyatso on Lucy's web site...

"he has created something truly epic. The Kadampa Buddhist tradition was close to extinction in Tibet and through his (and others’) efforts there are now over a thousand centers in the West...Geshe Kelsang has helped bring Buddhism into the modern world stripped of its cultural overlay and separated from politics. He learnt English as quickly as he could, discreetly got British citizenship so he was free to do what he wanted, and started to help people through his teachings, books, example, and personal advice...Geshe Kelsang from Day One has trained equally four types of teacher – lay, ordained, male, female – in a radical departure from the male- and monk-centric way things were done in Tibet. As you may know, the current General Spiritual Director of the NKT is a nun. So, in fact, is the Deputy Spiritual Director! The tradition is run by women! Generations of monks are turning in their graves…Nowadays Geshe Kelsang is bringing Buddhism to the entire world – the corpus of all Buddha’s teachings are being translated into many different languages...I cannot imagine my life without them (ie, Kelsang Gyatso's books)"

We disagree that Kelsang Gyatso is the savior of Buddhism. He is one of its main detractors. We disagree that Tsongkhapa's teachings (Kadampa Buddhism) were close to extinction in Tibet. Actually, they are disallowed in NKT (ie, no Kadampa Lamas and none of Tsongkhapa's prolific writings are allowed inside NKT...only Kelsang Gyatso's interpretations are reverred). Kelsang Gyatso fired Lucy for not going along with his politics against the Dalai Lama (who Kelsang Gyatso profeses is a Nazi) and Tibetan Buddhim (which Kelsang Gyatso professes is corrupt). Kelsang Gyatso's books, although worthy for their separation from NKT battles against us, represent a minor component of literature about Buddhism.