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Gyatso Lies

Most of Gyatso's books are simply repetitions of other Gyatso books. Copy and paste of disjointed paragraphs.

Gyatso's books, most overly distilled representations of Tibetan Buddhism which Gyatso abhors, end up being obtuse and difficult to follow and understand. They are best seen as bases for their indoctrination courses in their 'foundation' and 'teacher training' courses.

Ok, though not helpful and need not suffer the fate Gyatso casts on thousands of books on Buddhism – being banned, that's Gyatso's choice to make.

BUT, there are many lies.

For example, from Gyatso's 'The New Heart of Wisdom'...

"All of our suffering and problems come from our ignorance..." and "All our sufferings and dissatisfaction can be traced to our clinging to the inherent existence of ourself and other phenomenon." FALSE. Sexual assault, including that perpetrated by Gyatso's senior teachers, is not due to our ignorance. Someone murdering us is not due to our ignorance. Being exploded by a terrorist bomb or airliner flight into our building is not due to our ignorance. And, confused by what 'inherent existence' and 'emptiness' are, Gyatso does not yet realize that we and phenomenon are NOT inherently existent. We and phenomenon do not inherently exist. (much but not all of our suffering can be traced to clinging/attachment/surety of inherent existence)

"When we take birth as a human being in this world, we bring nothing with us from our former lives except suffering and delusions." FALSE. We bring from life to life karmic imprints from our prior life(s). Buddha Shakyamuni brought to his successive countless lives over 3 eons/kalpas of time the karmic merits to arrive at enlightenment.

A regular kalpa is approximately 16 million years long (16,798,000 years[1]), and a small kalpa is 1000 regular kalpas, or about 16 billion years. Further, a medium kalpa is roughly 320 billion years, the equivalent of 20 small kalpas. A great kalpa is 4 medium kalpas, or around 1.28 trillion years. Many biographies of the Buddha begin not with his birth in his last lifetime but in a lifetime millions of years before, when he first made the vow to become a buddha.

"The Buddha...is the founder of the Buddhist religion..." FALSE. His disciples founded Buddhism to practice and spread his teachings. 500 years later, they began writing their understanding of his teachings. (we have nothing written by Buddha Shakramuni)

IN CONTRAST, Gyatso is mostly correct but has created a controversial 'tradition' that specializes in violating what he wrote, "We should never allow ourself to become angry or discouraged, by temporarily accepting difficulties or harm from others. When we practice patience we are wearing the supreme inner armour that directly protects us from physical sufferings, mental pain and other problems. Anger destroys our merit, or good fortune, so that we will continually experience many obstacles...There is no greater evil than anger...there is no greater virtue than patience."

Does this portrait look like anger or patience?


Editors Note
As the Dalai Lama did, we fully endorse Gyatso's first book, published in 1984, 'Buddhism in the Tibetan Tradition: A Guide'. It is clear, easy to understand and valuable.

Sadly, later versions of the book censored the Dalai Lama's Foreward. Sadly, Gyatso later abandoned Tibetan Buddhism. His later books are mostly a mess. (we have and have read virtually all of Gyatso's books)