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Leaving NKT

Almost daily these days, someone leaves the small-but-disruptive NKT sect causing so much disharmony in Buddhism out of egotistical pursuit.

Some are distraught by the ugly direction NKT has taken against The Dalai Lama and its members. Some are destroyed by years of NKT abuse. Some are thrown out by NKT for questioning NKT's political battles. Some are fortunate and leave NKT determined to mend themselves and to assist others considering the same decision or considering joining NKT. Some, compelled by their human decency, have recently begun offering informative brochures about issues at NKT.

The redemptive reports are deeply inspiring.

For example,

"The evidence of my personal experience is too extensive to deny...what astounds me is what I see as the disintegration of the NKT-IKBU into an extraordinary justification of it's own view point.

There has been no elegance or even quiet intelligence in the publicity surrounding the demos, the leaflets or in any of the online 'NKT truth' blogs. It was the elegance of the books that drew me into the NKT and it is the lack of beauty in the behaviour of those in the NKT that separates me from it now.

I had expected love, compassion and moral discipline from my NKT teachers, that's all. And on occasion, some wisdom. I did find that years ago.

But, as they say, perhaps all I saw was the reflection of my own potential..."

Another example,

"One evening I was checking my e-mails and I decided to look up the NKT on line. I found many articles of the NKT being a cult and also being at the number 1 of many sites relating to European cults. After looking through some of the sites I found an article highlighting the common characteristics of cults; out of 30 questions if I remember rightly I answered 27. My previous suspicions had been answered.

The next day I confronted the management about my findings as I was always told I could ask any questions. I asked them to prove I was not in a cult. I was told I must leave, as I was a threat to the harmony and faith of other practitioners with in the center.

Thankfully I managed to get the strength to turn this around. I also know I am not alone due to the fact others have also told me about experiences they have had. All I wish for is to be able to practice with freedom; this is the reason I have decided to leave this tradition. I understand that this is my karma and have accepted it as so. This has been a painful and confusing experience; however, I still have faith in Buddha, Dharma and Sangha and I know that Lama Tsongkhapa's doctrine is the truth."

Another example,

"Step by step, I was sucked into the system of NKT until I was quite brainwashed, deceiving myself and others.

Later, I recognized that not only that I had such experiences, they seemed to be symptomatic for and systemic in NKT. I finally realized that Geshe Kelsang Gyatso is no Buddhist master. He hasn’t understood even the basics, and I became determined to leave him.

My NKT experience was like eating a sweet but poisoned fruit. The taste was sweet in the beginning; there were good times and good things I learned. Later, the poison started to ruin me.

In the end my negative experiences turned into something good by my learning from my faults and those of Geshe-la and NKT – a great teaching that I will teasure. However, I would be happy if others could avoid stepping into such a devastating situation, which I see as a spiritual trap."

Another example,

"It is hard for me to say publicly, but, for that time, I have experienced many strange negative interferences, personal hostilities, misfortunes, and have have actually come close to my life being destroyed.

It now appears abundantly clear to me that what Trijang and many other Shugdenba lamas have written is not just allegorical, but literal: for those who propitiate Dolgyal, he will take retribution for contact with non-Gelug Teachings 'contrary' to Tsongkhapa's. This is my personal experience.

I have been left wondering: how was I so unperceptive for so long? Breaking from Dolgyal's influence seems to me as breaking from an enchantment, waking up from a dream of strange frenetic, self-serving, atavistic energies. At last, clarity.

To get here took time and effort, on my part, of studying sources I could find; seeking answers, whilst applying the maxim, 'by the fruit you shall know the tree'. Finally, after 13 years, it seems like emerging from a hall of mirrors, regarding the influence of Dolgyal. The fruits of this particular tree seems, to me, to be anger, sectarianism, ignorance; actual perversion of the Dharma.

I have been at turns elated, angry, dismayed, depressed. I remain dismayed that so many good people are still involved in the NKT, remaining there, giving faith blindly, not really questioning. But I was there too. What can I do? What can any of us do? Perhaps it is enough to be honest with ourselves, and give of our love and prayers, in this world filled with suffering."



The following recently shared experience shares a big picture.

"Ok, I must say I`m a bit nervous leaving comments on this subject, I have seen so many friends fall out…so many ugly things said and done in the name Dharma because of this 400 year old debate that rightly speaking has no place in Western culture.

Must point out that I have no personal axe to grind, I personally find Geshe Kelsangs books beautiful and extremely useful, but I do not study his book on the Shugden practice. I`m not a Shugden practioner but have no problem with those who engage in said practice.

Now the rub as they say. Many years ago I lived at the "Manjushri Centre" in England Cumbria when it was still FPMT, when Teachers from all traditions would teach…even Nyingma Teachers, I was there! In those days, Geshe Kelsang was a minor teacher, one of many who taught there ( but even in those days, there were his more fanatical followers), then the big shake up came, power shifts as Geshe Kesangs followers strove for power against the FPMT ( sounds harsh but this is what happened, the truth is sometimes painful), Geshe Kelsangs follwers wone…the others Lamas left and Teachers from others traditions stopped coming. The a few years later out came the NKT (which rightly should be called the NNKT, the New New Kadampa Tradition…a joke)…..Eventually for personal reasons I left Manjushri… But lived in other NKT Centres…things were not too bad in the early days of the NKT.

Then things started to change and become uncomfortable for me personally…..whispers about Geshe Kelsang being a living Buddha….about his omniscience and that he knew the goings on in ALL of his Centres at the same time…the emphasis on money making using Dorje Shugden….the Dharma book burning of Non-Geshe Kelsang books (god knows how many books they destroyed )….suggestions that nothing but confusion would result from reading other material….the outright hostility towards HHDL and hatred of the Nyingmpas...banning Of HHDL photos…I refused to get rid of mine lol … People who are only Dharma Babies with no more than 12 months experience of Dharma and only 6 months of NKT ordination SAT ON THE THRONE AND TEACHING!, often these people were only in their early 20`s! People Giving their homes to the NKT and then being evicted from their homes a few yeras later……the list goes on and on…I was there and I've seen these things, I promise.

But I still lived in an NKT Centre. Why? Because I had many sincere friends and still do within the NKT. But never having been an NKT member I supose something had to snap. On Geshe Jampa Tekchok's last visit to the UK an order came down by Geshe Kelsang to the effect that anyone who goes to see Geshe Tekchok will have to leave his Centres…I tried to debate this with some of the people who ran the Centre I lived in…some were very sympathetic and not comfortable with this situation…but to no avail….so I went to the train station to meet my Lama, when I returned home (the Centre I lived in at the time) I was greeted at the front door with an eviction notice!

I was evicted because I went to see my Lama and Ordaining Abbot Geshe Jampa Tekchok!!!

So there I was, a homeless Monk…so I went to stay with my Mother (apparently l`m the boomarang generation, lol)

This is My experience of the NKT ( NNKT).

For you NKT`ers who recognise who I am you know that I am telling the truth.

Did not HHDL say somewhere " My religion is Love and Compassion" ?

May everyone be happy, may everyone be free from misery, may no one ever be separated from their happiness, may everyone have equinimity free from hatred and attachment."