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Much to Learn

There are countless resources about Buddhism, far beyond the small distorted cup sold by NKT.

We had the pleasure this week of reading one of the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of books banned by NKT.' Buddhism: One Teacher, Many Traditions'

Obviously, NKT is not included. It is not a tradition of Buddhism. Nor does NKT expand your horizon. Rather, NKT is a marketing venture to amass real estate wealth with membership dues, retail sales, festivals, beauty salons and taxpayer subsidies.

Our new book was written by the Dalai Lama and Thubten Chodron (a Buddhist nun since 1977 and prolific author of 70+ books on amazon.com). Bhante Henepola Gunarantana, ordained in 1937 when the Dalai Lama was 2 years old and founding abbot of the Bhavana Society.

Of course, we gained new insights and found new treasures. You will too.

We found several comments relevant to this web site.

"Religious politics is completely foreign to the Buddha's teaching, but sadly some Buddhists fail to practice what their religion teaches."

"Mishandling or clinging to the Dhamma can poison the mind just as a venomous snake can poison the body, and poisoning the mind is much more dangerous."

"The Dhamma is there within us to be seen and heard if we will only wipe the dust from our eyes and look at it."

"We do not preserve and promote the Buddhist tradition for its own sake."

While Buddhism was brought to Tibet in the 7th century, Buddhists were persecuted and monasteries closed by King Langdarma in the 9th century. "At this critical juncture Atisa (982-1054), a scholar-practitioner from the Nalanda tradition, was invited to Tibet. Monasteries were built again and the Dharma flourished in Tibet...The new lineages of teachings entering Tibet beginning in the eleventh century became the "new translation" schools, and these slowly crystallized to form the Kadam, Kagyu, and Sakya traditions. The Kadam lineage eventually became known as the Gelug tradition...The Dalai Lama is not the head of any of the four traditions. The Gelug is headed by the Ganden Tripa..."

"The Buddha himself encouraged us to understand his teachings, not to follow them blindly."

"Spirits are samsaric beings...some people turn to local spirits and spirits such as Dorje Shugden for refuge...This corrupts their Dharma practice and runs counter to Buddha's teachings...Refuge in the Three Jewels and following the law of karma and its effects are the real protection from duhkha."

Regarding tantra, "Only a very few people are qualified to do these practices...Buddhists who do not understand tantric practice may incorrectly regard a deity as an external god to be worshiped."

"The Buddha cannot lead us to awakening by giving blessings. We are our own masters, and everything depends on our own actions."

"We Buddhists have a responsibility to serve humanity. The very motivation for Gautama Buddha's awakening was to benefit sentient beings."

Again, there is much more to treasure in this book, and all the hundreds of books banned by NKT. Embrace them all.