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Watching NKT's battles is almost amusing, except that they send too many wrong signals and have led its founder, management, so called clergy and members to jump to ridiculous, contemptuous conclusions about anyone not addicted to NKT's 'cool aid' and the supremacy of its 'cool aid'. NKT's public policy, retaliation. Its public face, anger. Its religion, cult. NKT, a guise for delusion.

Why do I write this? I offer what I have learned during my life.

The less folks know, the more certain they think they know it.

Trained individuals see this all the time. Those with little or no training readily assume that they know far more than someone working a field for a lifetime. They assume they are absolutely right about matters they no little or nothing. Of course, this is ego talking. Sometimes, like spoiled brats who think the world revolves around them.

A personal anecdote. A young person about to enter college and major in biology was talking down to me a few days ago about biology. I earned a Bachelors and Doctorate in the subject, taught several biology courses, published dozens of studies and review articles, was retained by many companies/media outlets/government bodies/agencies for my expertise and made many important discoveries. Still, this student assumed having far more knowledge than I could possibly possess (I must admit, however, the more I have learned, the less I feel I know).

We see similar stories played out everyday. Look at all the armchair know-it-alls that have come out of the woodwork the last couple weeks about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Where were these so called experts a couple months ago, or better yet a couple years ago? Some even blame the catastrophe on President Barack Obama, and of course, calling him a liar (some even a Nazi....not surprisingly, 2 of NKT's favorite weapons).

NKT folks are doing the same thing. They are told to limit themselves to a dozen or so watered down books of its cult leader. They sit in a few feel-good 'retreats'. NKT's founder can say the simplest of things, but they believe what he said is more profound than anything before said or written. They then assume that they are more expert in Buddhism and Buddhist literature than life-long Buddhists and Lamas. They are quick to denegrate those outside NKT, for they 'know' the outsiders' motivations and comprehension skills. They go after those who left NKT out of disgust. They especially have a hate issue with the 75 year old Dalai Lama and claim he knows nothing. NKT claims to know more about peace than a recipient of the Nobel Prize for Peace, the Dalai Lama.

Disagree with NKT supporters and they explode into temper tantrums and call you names....they believe only NKT knows what is right and will spare no emotional response and sophomoric rationalization to convince themselves they are right, the core disability of cults.

To NKT, most Buddhist teachers and students in the world are illegitimate for not serving NKT's questionable deity, Shugden, pitched and defended like an NKT-patented product, even though the objects of their scorn are thousands of times greater in numbers and history than NKT's clan. Many of those who NKT has wrongly denegrated have exemplary credentials.

I've seen this trait in recent assessments of the commentators on this web site. NKT supporters claim your commentators can neither read nor comprehend but can somehow write 700 pages of material.

They even try NKT 'logic' to demean your intellects. For example,

"I have said something along the lines of "A is false" and NKTWorld.org reports on its website that *I* said and confirmed that "A is TRUE!" How dishonest!"

Politicians and con artists, of course, thrive on this phenomenon. This is why it looks to me that NKT is political and a con. The threats from its lawyers and its founder written about so much are, therefore, to be expected.

Buddha gave no teaching pertaining to Shugden or rationalizing NKT's battles with Buddhists. NKT's explosion on the Internet is conduct unbecoming anyone who cares about others.


We are awed by the wisdom in this world.

Recently, an NKT supporter created a web site to analyze this web site (NKT WORLD is that special!), noting that it contained 700 pages of material (which have accumulated over the past 2 years, distilled from hundreds of thousands of pages of written documentation, including thousands of analyses and Internet generated by NKT and its supporters; 183 essays and dozens of commentaries from the Editors that the author of that web site claimed could not be read or comprehended by this web site's essayists and editors). It must have taken the author of that web site several hours, reams of paper, a toner cartridge for the printer and substantial reading/writing time to accomplish this (costing an environmental impact). It has taken us several dozen hours simply to type it onto this web site from the source material.

Does anyone else believe we cannot read or comprehend? Does anyone really believe what NKT and its supporters preach? Regarding those that do not, does anyone really believe NKT's denegration that we are all liars and Nazis?