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One of NKT's biggest supporters recently wrote about the Dalai Lama,

"The fact (is that) he Killed a Wisdom Buddha and we are not about to let him or the world forget. Once they understand the issue that is. It is a Word War now and he cannot outlast the Chinese or Us."

A unilateral war against the Dalai Lama in defense of a bogus dead Buddha.

Does NKT have nothing better to do with its questionable government subsidies?


NKT's depiction of its murdered fanstasy Buddha, yet to be known to walk the earth

Interestingly, on the same web page presenting the quote above there is a story about a Shugen monastery in India (where NKT claims Shugdenism is disallowed). The monastery's web site contains none of the hate so characteristic of NKT.

NKT's Shugden is no more than a westernized fantasy for which NKT protests, ridicules...and alleges crimes committed by the Dalai Lama (of course, not recognized by any court).