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Gyatso Ass Kickers

Gyatso organizes protest rallies....and ass kicking.

Here, a prolific Gyatso representative brags about kicking the ass of the Dalai Lama in Copenhagen, "we came, we saw, we kicked the false Dalai Lama's ass." The bicycles did not fare well either.

This is the same Gyatso fake monk who says we and happiness do not exist and that abusing others, eg sexual asssault, is the fault of the victim not the perpetrator.

NOTE: if you see anyone kicking ass at NKT, run for the nearest exit and call the police.


Editors Note
They use taxpayer funding to stalk the Dalai Lama and kick his ass, and they con NKT visitors/members and their families to contribute to Gyatso's political battles.

We fell for such a con 15 years ago when we contributed significantly toward sending the resident teacher to NKT headquarters, not disclosed to us – to collaborate with NKT's protest rallies. Con me once...shame on you. Con me twice...shame on me.