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Kelsang Gyatso is like Donald Trump

Both are politicians and deny it.

Both are demagogues.

Both incite protest rallies.

Both hate their competition.

Both have extreme ego and feed the ego of their followers.

Both demean others.

Both claim their nemeses are fake.

Both dismiss followers who leave them.

Both claim their arch rival has questionable birthright.

Both have a problem with Muslims.

Both threaten lawsuits to stifle truth.

Both are wealthy and seek ever-expanding real estate ventures.

Both claim to despise the media but manipulate it vociferously.

Both are prolific braggarts on the Internet.

Both are embroiled in continuous battles and PR cover-ups.

Both rely on government subsidies.

Both are afraid of the free speech of others.

Both consider the views of everyone else wrong.

Both claim to have the best books.

Both lead their followers in the wrong direction.

Both stand alone as leaders.