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If Only NKT Followed Kadampa

NKT will eventually find that living the teachings of Atisha and Tsonghkapa, fathers of Kadampa Tibetan Buddhism, will provide sublime benefit for all living beings.

NKT, abandon your mission to harm all living beings through your selfishness and hate mongering. The sooner you do, the better for everyone.

NKT, retreat with Atisha's Lamp for the Path (Lamrim) and Tsongkhapa's The Great Treatise on the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment (Lamrim Chen Mo). Dissolve your delusions. In these teachings you will not find Shugden or rationalizations for lies or attacking other living beings as you are attacking The Dalai Lama, Lama Yeshe, Lama Zopa, Lama Namkhai Norbu, Tenzin Peljor, Chris Kolk, David Cutshaw and Loppon Malcolm Smith as broadcast on your web site. (for more about NKT's escalating attack against Tenzin Peljor, click here)

You also attack Dr. Robert Thurman (see this essay), a widely respected Buddhist scholar who graciously wrote in the Forward to the English translation of Lamrim Chen Mo published by Snow Lion Publications and dedicated to The Dalai Lama and the people of Tibet:

"Jey Tsongkhapa's Great Treatise on the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment is one of the greatest religious or secular works in the library of our human heritage. It presentsa stunning vision of the timeless origin and infinite permutations of all life forms, locating the precious jewel of an individual human embodiment as a critical moment of personal evolution. It provides this revelation in such a way that individual readers can be moved to achieve a fundamental paradigm shift in their vision of their lives...The Great Treatise did not originate this vision, of course. It is the very vision propounded by Shakyamuni Buddha...It is the fullest, highest teaching, the concentrated quintessence of the entirety of the Buddhist path from all the ocean of its literature...welcome one and all to this Great Treatise."


From the Root Texts
The man who wholeheartedly seeks a total end
To the entire suffering of others because
Their suffering is that of his own (conscious) stream,
Know that one to be the Superior Person.

Do not think that the commission
Of even a tiny sin will not pursue you.
Just as a large vessel is filled
By falling drops of water,
So too is a fool filled up with sins
Accumulated a little at a time.

Do not think that the cultivation
Of even a tiny virtue will not pursue you.
Just as a large vessel is filled
By falling drops of water,
So too are the steadfast filled up
By virtues accumulated a little at a time.

Whatever worldly joy there is
Arises from wishing for others' happiness.
Whatever worldly suffering there is
Arises from wishing for your own happiness.

If you do not genuinely exchange
Your own happiness for other's suffering,
You will not achieve buddhahood,
And even in cyclic existence, you will have no joy.
(quoting Shantideva's Engaging in the Bodhisattva Deeds)


NKT, without this foundation, you are wasting your life and merely pretending holiness. You are mocking Kadampa and inhibiting the progress of all living beings. Nothing in your protests, attack web sites and blog entries, and threats of litigation against amazon.com and your critics are rooted in the teachings of Atisha, Tsongkhapa and Shakyamuni. Instead, they are rooted in your ego and lust for corporate dominance.

NKT, realize the plight of NKT survivors who have been harmed by NKT abuse. Consider the comment of a NKT survivor about what NKT does regarding NKT survivor views:

"The NKT read these posts. If you have any other good ideas for exposing the truth about the NKT, I suggest you don't post it here. They will know and they will do what they can to stop it (if it is a good idea).

Of course, newkadampasurvivors group explicitly states that NKT members, supporters or followers are not allowed. Those NKTers that are on this board are being dishonest and breaking their vow not to lie or mislead. If they are 'ordained', this is a root downfall. Not that this kind of thing bothers them. Like any other cult, for the NKT, the end justifies the means."

NKT, your centers have become temples of selfishness devoid of actual compassion.

One NKT devotee who had just passed an exam in Gyatso's ruinous ego-intensifying Foundation Program and now energized with pride over NKT's non-Buddhist battles created a yet another senseless blog supporting NKT, posting:

"After all, the New Kadampa Tradition has become a complete pariah organisation. This is certainly even more the case since the recent demonstrations against the Dalai Lama...Why not ditch this mob...I was finally through with the NKT had been building up, building up, building up - to what I thought was a firm and implacable resolve...I got a very friendly letter from New Kadampa Truth this morning, and if that didn’t soften me up enough, after my exam my Resident Teacher popped out of his office to offer me a chocolate...Then it occurred to me: Pariah karma...I’ve been a pariah all my life, it’s been a tremendously empowering experience...I have ‘fuck you’ tattooed on my face, old chum...I have glimpsed the truth about the value of a reputation, and the fact is: it ain’t worth a whole heap. I have seen behind the veil of perception and the fact is: sunshine, it ain’t got nothing to do with reality...being a pariah is a fantastic opportunity...This is what it’s all about. So bring it on, baby, bring it on. Bring your tar and bring your feathers. We’re going to have a party."

NKT, isn't it time to get on with your lives and abandon your ego, protests, attacks, maliciousness and threats of litigation?

Please honor Kadampa Buddhism, Atisha, Tsongkhapa and Shakyamuni by caring for others, including your critics, your abused clergy and lay members, the Tibetan people, all schools of Buddhism, The Dalai Lama, Lama Yeshe, Lama Zopa, Lama Namkhai Norbu, Tenzin Peljor, Chris Kolk, David Cutshaw and Loppon Malcolm Smith. Cherish them as your mothers. Atisha, Tsongkhapa and Shakyamuni would. They certainly would not create threatening web sites and blog posts or threaten litigation against Buddhists (or anyone else for that matter).




The Complete Works of Atisa, The Lamp for the Path, the Commentary, together with Twenty-five Key Texts. Translated by Richard Sherburne. Forwarded by The Dalai Lama. 2000

The Great Treatise on the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment (3 volume set, 2000, 2004, 2002). Tshongkhapa. Dedicated to The Dalai Lama and the people of Tibet. Translated by The Lamrim Chenmo Translation Committee. Forwarded by Dr. Robert Thurman. (see this essay)