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Isolate, Purify, Disharmonize, Decay

To all NKT-IKBU Centres
05 August 2010

Dear Administrative Directors,

Because of the potential for great spiritual confusion both now and in the future, we advise and request that NKT Centres, teachers, managers and residents do not get involved with the activities of any Tibetan Buddhist groups, teachers or their students.

If you receive any invitations or requests from a Tibetan Buddhist group, teacher or student, please politely decline them, and forward them to the Education Council Representatives for our information.

These approaches can be for support in some form (for example with donations, fundraising events, visa applications, hosting, transport, publicity, social events); or offers to give teachings, empowerments or informal talks, or to perform pujas, ceremonies, ritual demonstrations and so on.

The main reason for this request is to help NKT practitioners to avoid mixing spiritual traditions, while of course maintaining respect for other traditions. It will also avoid being drawn into the many difficult political problems associated with Tibetan Buddhism, caused by mixing Dharma and politics.

Please inform the teachers, managers and residents at your Centre of this advice and request. Thank you for your co-operation.

Warm regards,

Steve Cowing, NKT-IKBU Secretary
on behalf of the GSD and Education Council Reps


Editors Note:
Kelsang Gyatso promised not to be further involved with Shugden and Tibetan matters in 1998, saying that Shugden was a political problem. Kelsang Gyatso told NKT to stay away from the Internet.

Violating Kelsang Gyatso, NKT leadership continues to lead Shugden protest rallies around the world, even violating this 2010 edict. NKT's Director, Kelsang Dekyong, is typically at the front of the protest rallies.

One of the strongest egos I ever met.


NKT's Director preaching from NKT's vile manifesto against the Dalai Lama, The Tibetan Situation Today