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Invisible Reincarnation

Five years ago, Shugdenites rejoiced, announcing that Shugden reincarnated again into human form.

According to Kelsang Gyatso, Shugden is both a Buddha and Dharma Protector. No other Buddha is a Dharma Protector and no other Dharma Protector is a Buddha!

According to Kelsang Gyatso, Shugden's previous incarnations:

Manjushri, who became a Buddha long before Shakyamuni, who mainstream Buddhists consider became the first Buddha 2,500 years ago in India and originator of all Buddhist teachings for 2,500 years. Manjushri had reincarnated as a disciple of Shakyamuni at the time of Shakyamuni. (Notably, Kelsang Gyatso considers himself an emanation of Manjushri and is promoted as the world's living Buddha. Kelsang Gyatso has informed us that he will not reincarnate.) Kelsang Gyatso also wrote, "Some people believe that Dorje Shugden is an emanation of Manjushri who shows the aspect of a worldly being, but this is incorrect."

Biwawa/Virupa, somehow also the first incarnation of Shugden, 7-8th century. "Biwawa performed his practices, mysterious women would appear...Biwawa came to another kingdom and entered a local tavern. He began to drink a lot of beer and wouldn’t stop drinking so the bartender demanded that he pay for his beer. At first he refused to pay but the bartender insisted. Biwawa held his hand aloft to the sky in a threatening mudra to stop the sun and said that he would pay for the beer only when the sun set. The sun stayed in the sky for days which created much chaos and distress among the people." Thusly, he avoided his bar bill. (Consider the devastation that would have happened around the world)

Sakya Pandita, 1182-1251.

Buton Rinchen Drub, 1290-1364.

Duldzin/Tulku Dragpa Gyeltson, 1374-1434. Tsongkhapa's principle disciple (Tsongkhapa was Tibet's most prolific author, though never mentioned Shugden and his writings are banned inside NKT)

Panchen Sonam Dragpa, 1478-1554. According to Kelsang Gyatso, he "became the Spriritual Guide of the reincarnation of the first Dalai Lama, Je Gendundrub, granting him ordination and giving him the name Sonam Gyatso...he became known as the third Dalai Lama." (Interestingly, the 7th Dalai Lama's name was Kelsang Gyatso (1707–1757)...the same name of NKT's founder born in 1931 in Tibet.)

Ngatrul Dragpa Gyaltsan, 1619–1656, a contemporary of the 5th Dalai Lama, who considered Shugden a harmful spirit as most Tibetans have for 500+ years. According to Kelsang Gyatso in his book Heart Jewel, "He made a number of predictions, including one that he would become Dorje Shugden. Ngatrul Dragpa Gyaltsan died at a relatively young age."

However at that time Tulku Dragpa Gyaltsen's own students and supporters disagreed with this account, stating that this spirit was not that of Drakpa Gyeltsen but rather that of the Fifth Dalai Lama’s minister Desi Sönam Chöpel (sde srid bsod nams chos ’phel; 1595-1658), who was an enemy of Drakpa Gyeltsen and who had also died around the same time. Georges Dreyfus also notes that there are other stories that seem to hint that the evil spirit connected with Drak-ba Gyel-tsen was already active prior to the latter's demise, even as early 1636. If Shuk-den was already active prior to Trul-ku Drak-ba Gyel-tsen's tragic demise, how can he be the latter's wrathful manifestation?" (from Wikipedia)

For the last hundred years, an extremist Tibetan sect has used Shugden to harm disbelievers, wage political battles and fight against harmony among the Tibetan schools of Buddhism.

And in 2015, the latest reincarnation, yet to be named, identified or seen.

Georges Dreyfus describes in 'The Predicament of Evil: The Case of Dorje Shukden' the view that Shugden is enlightened as that of "most extreme followers of Shukden" and adds: "Kelsang Gyatso’s Western New Kadampa Tradition seems to be unique among Shukden followers in going as far as to claim that this deity is fully enlightened and hence must be considered a proper object of refuge and worshiped as such."

Nevertheless, from the July 7, 2010 rebirth announcement:

"This line of incarnations has extended from the current incarnation all the way back to the time of the Mahasiddhas of India, namely Birwapa. You once again prove to the world, by being present you are truly a spiritually attained being arising from your pure prayers in another supreme body (Tulku-Nirmanakaya) as a great Lama, while another line of your incarnations arose as Dorje Shugden the protector. We again are very privileged with this information and find it an honor to announce this to the world today…July 7, 2010, one day after HH the Dalai Lama's 75th Birthday.

The undisputed incarnation of Tulku Drakpa Gyeltsen, 'silenced' for the past 350 years, has now returned, preparing to emerge publicly into the world again.

Tulku Drakpa Gyeltsen was the 'last' of Dorje Shugden's lineage of High Lama incarnations, unsurpassable in his attainments and knowledge, and considered equal to the great 5th Dalai Lama.

After his murder, he arose as the Dharma Protector Dorje Shugden, who some were opposed to. His lineage of incarnations was then banned. His name was erased from all prayers and books. His properties and labrang were all confiscated. No one was allowed to even mention his name.

Tulku Drakpa Gyeltsen's current incarnation was unmistakably recognized several decades ago. His recognition is infallible. Remaining safely hidden, he has been spreading the Dharma inexorably under a different name, and awaits the right time to emerge publicly.

In time, everyone will be made aware of who he really is. His unrivalled legacy of great endeavors will once again shine into the ten directions for all to see.


Now, the unmistaken incarnation of Tulku Drakpa Gyeltsen has returned among us."

Nevertheless, although reborn decades ago, oracles (including Kelsang Gyatso's uncle) speak to Shugden during trances and Kelsang Gyatso sent hundreds of his clergy and followers to protest the Dalai Lama around the world (costing hundreds of thousands of dollars/pounds).

Why not use a telephone?

Since Kelsang Gyatso considers himself an emanation of Manjushri, why doesn't he simply talk to Manjushri, aka Shugden (according to Kelsang Gyatso)? Why use his uncle to contact Shugden when Kelsang Gyatso could do this himself? Why spend over a million dollars/pounds the last twenty years and direct dozens of protest rallies against the Dalai Lama to protect the memory of Shugden?

Why doesn't Shugden stop Kelsang Gyatso's pain, hundreds of thousands of Internet posts against us and millions of hours of agony amongst his devotees and simply show himself?

Why did Kelsang Gyatso begin his war in 1996 when Shugden had already recently reincarnated? Did Shugden inspire Kelsang Gyatso?