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A vocal Shugdenite aptly noted recently,

"The goal of all sincere Buddhist practitioners is to attain an inner cessation of delusions which are the true source of our suffering.

Political lamas are causing the degeneration of pure Buddhadharma in this world, because Dharma mixed with politics is not pure. Therefore, it is important for Buddhist throughout the world to stop following political lamas.

As long as there are Buddhists who will develop faith in political lamas the Chinese and the CIA will continue to interfere with Buddhism by appointing puppet lamas. Now is the time to stop developing faith in political lamas."

The problem is that Shugdenites immerse themselves into politics and hate, blaming their suffering on others rather than the delusions which are the true source of their suffering. Shugdenites have posted thousands of hate messages and political conspiracies on the Internet, mirroring their publications such as The Tibetan Situration Today and A Great Deception.

Based on virtually everything they write and say, Shugdenites cannot conceive of Buddhism without a political lens. Of course, this trait is consistent with the history of Shugden for hundreds of years.

A good example...the Shugdenite annoucement about Shugen's reincarnation, headlining "THE RETURN OF THE KING."

The 'King' title is a political distinction, not a spiritual one, associated with rule over the lives of subjects.

Their external targets for their suffering are many, most notably the Dalai Lama and the US CIA.

They have their own monasteries housing hundreds of monks and even their own chain of Shugden 1,200 Shugden temples and hundreds of Shugden clergy around the world via NKT, but still they whine. Because they do not yet have the political dominance they believe they must have to feel successful.

They recently announced the human reincarnation of Shugden, boasting that this new Shugden will work Shugden politics masterfully against the Dalai Lama, the CIA and the Tibetan Government in Exile. They claim that Shugden's new incarnation has not been able to show himself for decades out of fear for his life. It is remarkable how much protection Shugden needs and how much myth protection Shugdenites need.

Shugdenism continues to represent the antithesis of Buddhism.

Unless Shugdenites focus on spiritual development and compassion toward others rather than politics and protests, they will never be happy.