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Where the hell is he?

NKT whines about is victim-hood. Nobody believes in their top god, Shugden.

But where oh where can this fictional metaphor for vengeance be?

The riddle was solved, announced in a July 7, 2010 glorious announcement (see here). The claim, Shugden reincarnated decades earlier. Thusly, he would be decades old plus 10 by now in his new body. (as of 2020)

NKT's fictional metaphor and a god requiring NKT's protection REINCARNATED to save us all from the Dalai Lama and Tibetan Buddhism and the millions of Buddhists who follow Buddha rather than Shugden. After all, Buddha only teaches, Shugden gets even.

Still, Shugden is no where to be found. Yet to be seen. Yet to live up to his folklore of vengence.

Kelsang Gyatso went into hiding 3 years later. Not seen since 2013. Coincidence?

Maybe Shugden and Gyatso are playing checkers in the attic, both needing NKT's global protests and assaults to 'exist'.