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Infinitely False

Kelsang Gyatso's biggest lie and NKT biggest harm...

Directly from Gyatso's lying mouth of:

To solve our daily problems we can practise as follows. From our heart we should understand and think, 'All the suffering, problems, difficulties, sickness, painful feelings, receiving harm, not finding things I desire and losing things I am attached to, experienced by myself that I normally see, do not exist. This is because myself that I normally see does not exist. Understanding this and thinking deeply we can relax and remain with a peaceful mind all the time, so that we will be happy all the time. In this way, because we are happy all the time our own problems will all disappear.'

Gyatso and NKT deploy this dangerous lie to cause intense suffering, harm, sickness hardship. Scare you into more donations and free labor.

If they believed it they would not protest against, defame and threaten lawsuits against those who disagree with them. Why attack things that don't exist? Because otherwise they believe they have no power over you and to drain your money. Gyatso and NKT thrive on marketing what they do against you does not exist.



December 21, 2021, Lucy James broadcast this image on her Internet web site (consistent with comment above, pay or else).