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NKT is not alone

We face many challenges and impediments in our quest for happiness.

Some are out of our control, 'external' catastrophes. Like cancer, a heart attack, COVID, a horrible accident, a crime against us or other adverse actions of others.

Some we willfully participate in. Like believing in false remedies, manipulative politicians, misguided decisions or lifestyles that cause or exacerbate an 'external' catastrophe. Beliefs and ego gratifications can be counterproductive, even dangerous.

Sometimes, even our hopes and perceptions of happiness can be toxic. Peer pressures can be burdens too.

Like many of our challenges and impediments to happiness, NKT, like so many other greedy cults and enterprises, can be an 'external' catastrophe (as when we are targeted or adversely influenced by its ugly politics) AND can be an adversity that we – in effect – collaborate with when investing our good intentions, wishes, trust, labor and money in NKT's wrong direction, glittery 'temples' and resorts, power struggles, its demonic-but-helpless god Shugden and opulent life styles of its ruling class. Sometimes, joining wrong directions leads us to despair, which has happened to many at the controls of NKT. This is deeply saddening.

As we learn better and better with age and fruitful insight practice, there are generally no easy conventional answers after years of hurt, disillusionment, disappointment, ego feeding, lack of engagement and layer upon layer of misdirection and lies to us and from us.* If only we could turn back the clock and take the better fork in the road.

Ultimately, the way to happiness is not purchasing it or joining a cult or obsessing about it. But rather, appreciating and extending our capacity to live meaningfully and helping others do so. Challenges and impediments may always be there but we can try to reduce their adversity. In Mahayana, the secret to success is truly helping others. This gift vastly outweighs and out performs the misadventures of ego.


* When fortunate, there is an easy answer. Usually elusive. Usually secret. Usually repressed or under layers of learned confusion. But simple. Our deep inner heart. Our love source. Our insight source. Our honesty source. Find it through compassion. Dive in and reach out. It waits for our arrival. It looks forward to expression.